Shifters Trigger

SRAM shift levers use a 1:1 acuation ratio, meaning that 1mm of cable movement causes 1mm of derailleur movement. Shimano uses a 2:1 ratio, so Shimano and SRAM rear shift levers are not interchangeable.

Shimano's trigger shifters include shifter-only pods, as well as the very common shift/brake lever combination. All Shimano shift lever sets include cables.

Shimano SL-M360 Shift Levers Acera 8sp


Shimano's Acera components deliver the responsive feeling of a serious mountain bike to casual riders and entry-level cyclists.

This shifter set is supplied complete with front and rear gear cables and casings. Shipping Weight: 655 g.

Shimano SL-M2000 Altus Shifters 9sp Blk

Economical under-bar 9-speed shifter pods.
Supplied complete with cables and casings. Shipping Weight: 639 g.

Shimano SL-M610 Deore 3x10/2x10

These 10-speed shifters can be used with double or triple cranksets.

Gear cables and casings included. These shifters clamp directly to the handlebars, independently of the brake levers.

Shipping Weight: 700g.

Shimano SL-M640 Zee Shift Lever 1x10

For all you single chainring fans out there, here's a 10-speed shifter you can use!
Supplied complete with inner cable (no casing). Shipping Weight: 231 g.

Shimano SL-M780 Right XT 10sp

Shimano Deore XT 10-speed right shifter.
Shipping Weight: 337g.

Shimano SL-M8000 XT RH 11sp

Right side 11-speed XT shifter. Use for 1x11, 2x11 or 3x11 drivetrains.
Ergonomically designed for prolonged injoyment. Simple, adaptable cockpit.

Shimano ST-A070 STI Shift/Brake Set

If you want to keep your classic road bike going but have had enough of down-tube shift levers, these 7-speed levers (for double chainrings) are a surprisingly affordable upgrade to integrate your shift levers with your brake levers.

Cable release lever is a small thumb lever on the inside of the shifter body (similar to Campagnolo style). The brake cable runs under the handlebar tape; the shift cables exit on the inside of the lever body (the way all older style Shimano road STI shift/brake levers were). Gear and brake cables and casings included. NOTE - you may need to install shift cable stops on the downtube; they are not included with this product. Shipping Weight: 700 g.

Shimano ST-EF65 Acera 7sp Levers Black

The Shimano ST-EF65 STI lever set are a complete gear and brake lever set including cables. It suits V-brakes or disc brakes, 7 speed (rear) systems and a triple crankset.
Shipping Weight: 921 g.

Shimano ST-EF65 Acera Shifters 8sp Blk

Complete 8-speed control set: left and right shift and brake levers (3 x 8 speed) with cables and casings.
Shipping Weight: 938g.

SRAM X4 Trigger Shifter 8sp Rear

SRAM 1:1 actuation ratio 8-speed trigger shifter.
Inner gear cable supplied with shifter (no casing). Shipping Weight: 172g.