Shifters - Thumb

Now a rare breed, the thumb style shift lever is the traditional lever, making way now to a variety of trigger and twist levers. These remain, while available, the cheapest option.

Shimano SL-TX30 Thumbshifters 6sp

Tourney thubshifters with 6-speed indexed right lever and friction left lever (therefore compatible with non-Shimano cranksets and front derailleurs).

Cables and casings included.

Shipping Weight: 1kg.

Shimano SL-TX50 7-Speed Thumbshifters


Tourney thumbshifters. 7-Speed right lever, indexed (triple) left lever.

Cables and casings included. W7eight: 283g (including cables and casings).

Sunrace Friction Thumbshifters

Not the highest quality shifter ever made, but the advantage of any friction shift lever is that it can work with any front or rear gear system. Great for restoring old bikes.

22.2mm handlebar clamp (for upright bars; ie mountain bike and comfort bike handlebars).

Shipping Weight: 204g.