Chains for 10-Speed Drivetrains

Moruya Bicycles stocks Campagnolo and Shimano 10-Speed Chains, and chain joiners from SRAM and IRD.

KMC Chain 10spd 116 L Gold

This quality 10 speed chain suits Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM 10 speed drive train systems.

The X10 SL is super light weight, hollow pin, narrow wide compatible, road or MTB use, and comes with KMC MissingLink.


Shipping weight: 261g

KMC Missing Link 10 Speed

An affordable, reusable joining link for 10-speed chains. This link fits Shimano 10-speed chains, while the SRAM 10-speed link does NOT fit Shimano 10-speed chains.
Shipping Weight: 4g.

Shimano Chain Pin 10-Speed

10sp pin
Joining pin for Shimano CN-7801 & CN-6600 chains.
This is a newly designed reinforced connecting pin for CN-7801 & CN-6600. It cannot be used with the older CN-7800 (Original Shimano 10 speed chain). It's easily identified from the older 10 speed joining pins as it's guide part is longer and comes with 3 grooves on it. Click here for Shimano's Technical Service Instructions for chains (unless they've moved it!) Weight: 1g.

Shimano CN-4601 Tiagra 10 Speed Chain

10 speed road chain. 116 links.
Shipping Weight: 292g.

Shimano CN-6701 Ultegra 10sp Chain


Shimano Ultegra now features an asymmetrical (directional) chain. Shifting precision and smoothness has been significantly improved through the use of different inner and outer plate chamfers and dimensions to accommodate the different shifting requirements of moving the chain inward and outward on the drivetrain.

Weight (116 links): 272g.

Shimano CN-HG95 XT 10-Speed Chain


This chain replaces the first-generation CN-HG94 XT Dyna-Sys chain and is no longer directional. Benefit? You can't put it on backwards to achieve second-rate shifting!

Task-specific link plates optimised for front and rear shifting.

Shipping Weight: 300g.

SRAM PC1051 10-Speed Chain w/Power-Lock


The PC1051 10 speed PowerChain features the PowerLock connecting link provides smooth, precise shifting and weight savings.

Compatible with industry-standard 10-speed systems.

114 Links. Weight: 271g. Shipping Weight: 305g.

SRAM PC1091R 10sp Chain

No weakest link - SRAM's new Super Narrow 10-speed Power Chain features the PowerLock connecting link - currently the only secure toolless attachment device for a sub 6mm chain.

SRAM PC1091R series chains also feature hollow pin construction and outer plates with weight-saving holes with no sacrifice of strength. Lightweight, smooth, precise-shifting. A true high-performance product. Compatible with industry-standard 10-speed systems.

114 Links. Weight: 257g. Shipping Weight: 289g.

SRAM PowerLock 10-Speed


The black Power Link.

SRAM Joining Link for SRAM 10-Speed Chains.

These links are too narrow to fit Shimano chains. If you want to use a connecting link for a Shimano 10-speed chain, use the KMC 10-speed link.

 Weight: 3g.