Chains for 9-Speed Drivetrains

Moruya Bicycles stocks Shimano and SRAM 9-Speed Chains and joiners.

Shimano Chain Pin 9-Speed

hg joining pin

Whenever a Shimano chain is "broken", a standard pin should be pushed out completely. To rejoin, a joining pin is used (7/8 speed, or 9 speed, or 10 speed) which has a guide piece which is snapped off after the pin is in place. Weight: 1g.

Shimano Chain 9sp CN-HG93

Ultegra / Deore XT chain, 9 speed. Excellent value.
Weight: 297g.

SRAM Powerlink 9-Speed


The Gold Power Link.

An easily reusable 9 speed joining link.

When used with a Shimano 9 speed chain, these work but have been known to cause some horrible noise while passing through the gears. Recommended more as a trailside repair option than a permanent fitting. Weight: 3g.

SRAM PC951 Chain


Accurate shifting, excellent wear resistance, and superior durability with both 8 and 9 speed compatibility.

Compatibility: 8 and 9 Speed.

Weight: 300g.