Bottom Bracket Spares

Moruya Bicycles stocks spares for a range of bottom brackets.

Ball Retainer BB One Piece

OPC BB retainer
5/16" balls in retainer to suit traditional One Piece (American) bottom brackets.
 Weight: 29g.

BB Axle Bolt 8mm

bb bolt & cap
Bottom Bracket bolt with dustcap. Takes 8mm allen key. 8mm thread.

Thread Length: 14mm. Bolt Head Diameter: 19.5mm.

Weight: 14g.

BB Axle Bolt BMX

Suits 3-piece BMX crank sets. Low profile outer face to prevent ankle clipping. The reinforcing step between the head and the shaft is a low profile which keeps out of the way of the axles we've come across so far.

Head outer diameter 22.4mm. Uses 6mm allen key. Thread Length 18mm. Reinforcing Step 14.6mm wide by 1mm thick. These are sold individually. If you need a pair, please order 2. Weight: 18g.

BB Axle Cottered 41/55/45 (141mm)


For repairing very old bikes and some exercise bikes.

Left Extension (cone to tip): 41mm. Centre (cone to cone): 55mm. Right Extension (cone to tip): 45mm.

Overall Length: 141mm. Weight: 232g.

BB Axle Cottered 42/55/48 (145mm)

For repairing very old bikes and some exercise bikes.

Left Extension (cone to tip): 42mm. Centre (cone to cone): 55mm. Right Extension (cone to tip): 48mm.

Overall Length: 145mm. Weight: 240g.

BB Axle Nut

For square taper bottom brackets that take a nut rather than a bolt. Hardened steel - very strong nut, designed to be tightened very tight.
 Weight: 6g.

BB Cup Set for 3-piece with Seals

Old-fashioned bottom bracket cups for use with separate axle. We keep these in stock for our electric bikes as they don't use standard bottom bracket axles so can't be switched over to cartridges.
 Weight: 136g.


For fossil bikes.
3/8" diameter (suits all but French bikes). Weight: 20g.

FSA Mega EXO Wave Spring Washer

This may look like damaged goods, but it does play a role in FSA's Mega EXO crank/bottom bracket system; taking up the slack in the BB axle and preventing it slipping right and left.
Weight: 2g.

Redline Chainwheel to Crank Bolt

This bolt holds the chainwheel onto the Redline Monster 3-piece cranks.
Weight: 13g.

Shimano FC-M760 BB Spacer 2.5mm

Alloy spacer from FC-M760. 2.5mm thick. Fur use with 68mm bottom bracket shells (1 each side) and for bikes without a bottom bracket mounted front derailleur. (1 on the right side).
Weight: 2g.

Wheels Mfg BBMulti-Shim Kit 24mm

This is a new system of adapting Shimano 24mm cranks to ANY BB30 or Pressfit 30 frame!
Every one-bike package includes enough spacers for any BB30/PF30 conversion. An adapter puller is included with every kit to help remove the adapters from the 6806 bearings.

Wheels Mfg BB Spacer 0.7mm


Thin spacer for fine adjustment of chain line - can be handy if your chainring is touching your frame under load.

Shipping Weight: 10g.

Hi-Tech Hollow Spindle Bolt 22mm

Large diameter crank bolt.
Thread diameter 14.6 mm. Thread Length 24 mm. Bolt Length (end to end): 33 mm. Angled Washer Outer Diameter: 24.4 mm. Not too sure what the 22 mm in the name refers to - maybe the axle diameter? Weight: 47 g.

Redline Crank Bolt Imperial

Crank bolt with imperial thread.

Diameter of threaded section: 9.3mm. Thread Length: 18.8mm.

Weight: 13g.