Bottom Brackets for One-Piece Cranks

The One-Piece Bottom Bracket is otherwise known as the American Bottom Bracket. It is the traditional BMX bottom bracket system, compatible with One-Piece Cranks.

BB Set 12" OPC

Smaller diameter than standard One Piece bottom brackets, commonly used on 12" bikes.

Cup outer diameter: 43mm. Outer diameter of flange on cup: 46.5mm. Cup "inner" diameter (diameter of the hole through which the crank fits): 34.4mm. Depth of cup (outside to outside): 13.6mm. Inner diameter of fixed cone threads: 20mm. Inner diameter of adjustable cone and locknut threads: 18.6mm. Locknut size: 27mm. Ball retainers included.

Weight: 175g.

Truvativ BB Adaptor American to Euro

You can easily convert your BMX frame with the traditional American or One-Piece bottom bracket shell to take Euro (otherwise known as standard) bottom brackets.

Press these into your frame, secure with the attached bolts, and screw in your Euro bottom bracket!

Weight: 118g.

YST Bottom Bracket Set for One-Piece-Crank

Standard bottom bracket set for one-piece cranks and also for various 3-piece crank sets.
Right hand thread on right hand cone, left hand thread on left hand cone. Press-fit cups into large diameter bottom bracket shell. The bottom bracket shell is the traditional "American" bottom bracket, and has an outside diameter of approximately 56mm. (Will vary slightly between frames as it's the inside diameter that's constant.) Cone threads: 24tpi. Weight: 292g.