ISIS Bottom Brackets

The ISIS spline system is a stronger way to attach cranks and bottom brackets than the older and cheaper square taper.

Truvativ Gigapipe Team SL BB 68/73 x 113


Light weight ISIS spline bottom bracket to suit 68mm or 73mm bottom bracket shells.

Crank bolts (15mm thread) included. Truvativ part number 00.6415.008.000

Weight (including crank bolts): 289g.

Truvativ Howitzer XR Bottom Bracket

We no longer keep this bottom bracket in stock, but it remains in our stock list and we can probably order it when needed.
Bombproof ISIS bottom bracket for extreme use. Fits 68/68e/73/73e bottom bracket shells.
Bearing inside diameter 21.1mm. Weight (including crank bolts): 372g.