Crank Spares

Left cranks, dustcaps, cotterpins, spacers, bolts - we have available on-line all the crank spares we carry in our workshop.

BB Axle Bolt 8mm

bb bolt & cap
Bottom Bracket bolt with dustcap. Takes 8mm allen key. 8mm thread.

Thread Length: 14mm. Bolt Head Diameter: 19.5mm.

Weight: 14g.

BB Axle Bolt BMX

Suits 3-piece BMX crank sets. Low profile outer face to prevent ankle clipping. The reinforcing step between the head and the shaft is a low profile which keeps out of the way of the axles we've come across so far.

Head outer diameter 22.4mm. Uses 6mm allen key. Thread Length 18mm. Reinforcing Step 14.6mm wide by 1mm thick. These are sold individually. If you need a pair, please order 2. Weight: 18g.

Chainwheel Screws BMX (Set 5)

Set of 5 chainwheel screws, suitable for BMX race bikes or for single chainring setups on other bikes.

Weight: 19g.


For fossil bikes.
3/8" diameter (suits all but French bikes). Weight: 20g.

Crank Dustcap

Keeps the crank threads clean so you can insert a crank puller when needed.


Weight: 1g.

Hi-Tech Hollow Spindle Bolt 22mm

Large diameter crank bolt.
Thread diameter 14.6 mm. Thread Length 24 mm. Bolt Length (end to end): 33 mm. Angled Washer Outer Diameter: 24.4 mm. Not too sure what the 22 mm in the name refers to - maybe the axle diameter? Weight: 47 g.

Left Crank 152mm Alloy Silver

Suits most 24" wheeled junior mountain bikes. Diamond taper axle fitting.
 Weight: 181g.

Left Crank 170mm Alloy Black

Diamond taper hole for standard bottom bracket. Black anodized.

BB to Pedal (centre to centre): 170mm.

Left Crank 170mm Alloy Silver

Diamond taper hole for standard bottom bracket.

Silver. Weight: 206g.

Left Crank 175mm Alloy Silver

Diamond taper hole for standard bottom bracket. Nicely polished.
 Weight: 209g.

Odyssey 41T Crank Bolt & Tapered Washer

Replacement crank bolt and washer for Odyssey 41 Thermal cranks.

Diameter of threaded section: 9mm. Outer Diameter of tapered washer: 20.4mm. Washer Thickness: 6.5mm.

Weight: 25g.

Odyssey Thunder/Twombolt Crank Bolt

BMX crank bolt.
Thread Diameter: 11.6 mm. Thread Length: 15 mm. Overall Length: 22.5 mm. Bolt Head Diameter: 27.5 mm. Weight: 24g.

Redline Chainwheel to Crank Bolt

This bolt holds the chainwheel onto the Redline Monster 3-piece cranks.
Weight: 13g.

Redline Crank Bolt Imperial

Crank bolt with imperial thread.

Diameter of threaded section: 9.3mm. Thread Length: 18.8mm.

Weight: 13g.

Shimano FC-4500 Tensioner Bolt

Shimano Hollowtech II tensioner bolt (fits in left crank). This has a smaller diameter thread (for thicker axle walls) than the FC-6700 Tensioner Bolt.
Weight: 3g.

Shimano FC-5600 Stopper Plate


Temporarily Unavailable

Compatible with most Shimano Hollowtech II Road cranks, this is the plastic plate with steel pin that clips over the left crank tightening bolts to help secure the crank on the axle.

See our part 90297 for MTB Shimano Hollowtech II cranks.

 This plate can be used on the following road systems:

XTR FC-M9020, FC-M985, FC-M980 – yes we know its a MTB crank system but its what Shimano suggests
- Dura-Ace FC-R9100, FC-9000, FC-7950, FC-7900, FC-7803, FC-7800
- Ultegra FC-R8000, FC-6800, FC-6750, FC-6703, FC-6700, FC-6650, FC-6604-G, FC-6603-A, FC-6603, FC-6601-G, FC-6600-A, FC-6600
- 105 FC-5800, FC-5750, FC-5703, FC-5700, FC-5650, FC-5603, FC-5600
- Tiagra FC-4703, FC-4700, FC-4650, FC-4603, FC-4600, FC-4550-CG, FC-4550, FC-4503, FC-4500
- Sora FC-R3030, FC-R3000, FC-3550, FC-3503, FC-3450, FC-3403
- Claris FC-R2030, FC-R2000
- FC-RS510, FC-RS500, FC-RS400
- FC-R700, FC-R601, FC-R600, FC-R565, FC-R563, FC-R553, FC-R550, FC-R460, FC-R350
- Cyclocross FC-CX70, FC-CX50
- Deore LX FC-T671, FC-T661
- Alfine FC-S501, FC-S500
- Metrea FC-U5000
- Steps FC-E500

Shimano Part Number Y1GE98050.

Weight: 1g.

Shimano FC-6600 Hollowtech Pinch Bolt

shimano hollowtech bolt
This is the pinch bolt used on Shimano's Hollowtech II cranks.

Shimano Part Number: Y1G398010. Supplied complete with washer.

Weight: 5g.

Shimano FC-6700 Tensioner Bolt

Shimano Hollowtech II tensioner bolt (fits in left crank). Plastic. Fits Ultegra and Dura-Ace cranks.


Weight: 2g.

Shimano FC-7800 Seal Ring

FC-7800 Ring
Dura-Ace Seal Ring for Shimano Hollowtech II cranksets: this is the ring that sits against each crank between it and the bottom bracket cup.

Shimano Part Number: Y1F316000.

Weight: 1g.

Shimano FC-M590 Chainwheel Screws (mid/outer)


Long steel chainwheel screws from FC-M590 (Deore 9-speed triple) crankset.

Male section: 10.5mm long (all up; not just threads). Female section: 15.5mm long. Steel. Silver male piece, black female piece. Tightens with 5mm allen key. Set of 4. Weight: 26g.

Shimano FC-M590 Hollowtech Pinch Bolt


Pinch bolt with 6mm thread for some Shimano Hollowtech II cranks.

Shimano Part Number: Y1KS98030. Supplied complete with washer.

Weight: 5g.

Step Collar 22.2mm to 23.8mm

cw spacer
  • Width: 10mm
  • Inner Diameter: 22.2mm
  • Outer Diameter: 23.8mm
  • Material: alloy
  • Weight: 2g
  • Compatibility: 22.2mm axle and 23.8mm chainring mount hole
  • Notes:

Truvativ Left Crank ISIS Firex 175mm

Dearer version of Truvativ's ISIS splined replacement left crank.


Weight: 222g.

Wheels Manufacturing Pedal Washer

pedal washer
Fitted between the pedal and the crank, these stainless steel washers prevent scratching of the crank surface as the pedal is tightened.

Please Note: these are sold individually. To order a pair you'll need to add 2 to the basket.Weight: 1g.

Zefal Crank Armour

Minimalist and effective end-piece protection, the Crank Armour protects cranks against impacts and stones.
  • Impact resistant and durable
  • Easy and quick to mount on the crank
  • Length: 69mm
  • Weight: 20g

Shimano FC-M580 Stopper Plate


Compatible with most Shimano Hollowtech II MTB cranks, this is the plastic plate with steel pin that clips over the left crank tightening bolts to help secure the crank on the axle.

See our part 90296 for Road Shimano Hollowtech II cranks.

For use with most MTB hollowtech cranksets including the following:

- Saint FC-M825, FC-M820
- Deore XT FC-M8000, FC-M785, FC-M782, FC-M780, FC-M771-K, FC-M770-10, FC-M770, FC-M761, FC-M760, FC-T8000, FC-T781, FC-T780
- SLX FC-M7000, FC-M677, FC-M675, FC-M672, FC-M670, FC-M665, FC-M660-10, FC-M660
- Zee FC-M645, FC-M640
- FC-M627-B, FC-M627, FC-M622
- Deore FC-M6000, FC-M617, FC-M615, FC-M591, FC-M590-10, FC-M590, FC-M533-K, FC-M532, FC-T6010
- Hone FC-M601-2, FC-M600-3
- Deore LX FC-582, FC-M583-K, FC-M581, FC-M580
- FC-M552, FC-M545, FC-M543-K, FC-M542
- Alivio FC-M4050-B2
- FC-MT700, FC-MT600, FC-MT500-2, FC-MT500, FC-MT200
- FC-T551
- FC-E8050, FC-E8000, FC-E501

For XTR FC-M9020, FC-M985, FC-M980 see our part number 90296.

Shimano Part Number Y1FU98120.

Weight: 1g.