Components for Single Speed Bikes

Moruya Bicycles offers a range of single-speed conversion parts for the luddite who thinks gears are a gimmick. All available for purchase on-line, for the borderline luddite. No, single speed bikes don't have only one gear, they have two: (1) On and (2) Off the bike.

Cassette Lockring 11T

Cassette Lockring to suit 11t outer sprocket.


Weight: 5g.

Mr Control 1sp Conv. Kit 16T Flange

16 tooth single speed sprocket with flange to improve grip on the cassette body, plus a locknut and a selection of spacers.
Sprocket with flange is 7mm wide. Spacers: 10mm wide x 2, 5mm wide x 1, 3mm wide x 4. Weight: 60g.

Shimano CT-S500 Chain Tensioner Silver

This is the chain tensioner to use if you have a multi-speed hub that requires thick axle non-turn washers under the axle nuts.
 Weight: 202g. Shipping Weight: 266g.

Single Speed Chain Tensioner Urethane

Mr. Control Chain tensioner.

Attaches via the steel screw that tightens in to the derailleur hanger. There's also a black alloy "nut" that can be used along with a 5mm screw from behind a rack or mudguard mount to lock the tensioner in position.

Weight: 105g.