Bicycle Valves

Bicycle valves, caps, tools, adaptors.

Ball Inflator Needle

This ball inflator needle has a schrader-sized thread so you simply attach your pump to it and insert it into the ball to pump it up.
 Weight: 5g.

Presta Valve Adaptor Brass

presta valve adaptor brass

Valve adaptor with rubber O-ring. Use this on a presta (or the older English/Woods valve) to enable pumping from a service station pump.

Length: 21mm. Weight: 6g.

Valve Schrader

You'll need a valve key to remove or replace the valve.Weight: 1g.

Schrader Valve Angle Adaptor

A frustration avoidance device. When you screw this onto your almost-inaccessible valve, it pushes in the pin to open the valve but keeps the air under control as it has its own schrader valve at the other end, where, it is hoped, your pump will reach.
Size: 26mm x 45mm x 13mm. Weight: 18g.

Shimano Valve Unit MTB

Valve unit from Shimano WH-M985 & WH-M988 wheels.

Shimano Part Number: Y4G398030. Overall Length (tip to tip, not including cap): 45.5mm. Shipping Weight: 20g.

Shimano WH-7850 Valve Road TL Front

The road valve unit is longer than the MTB valve unit.
Shimano Part Number: Y4DS98020. Overall Length (tip to tip, not including cap): 52mm. Weight: 7g.

Shimano Valve Unit Road Tubeless Rear

This valve has a shaped washer that sits on the outside of the rim (compensates for the offset of the rear rim). This is what makes it a rear valve unit. Also, it is a longer valve unit than the MTB valve units.

Shimano Part Number: Y4DS98060. Overall Length (tip to tip, not including cap): 52mm. Weight: 7g.

Shimano Valve Unit WH-M970

Tubeless wheel valve to suit Shimano tubeless wheels.

Also suits WH-M965.

Weight: 6g.

Topeak Valve Extender Presta XL


Precision machined from aircraft grade aluminium, this extra long Presta Valve Extender fits deepdish and carbon rims from 60mm to 90mm. O-Ring seal ensures a leak-free fit.

Size: 78mm x 7mm. Weight: 7g.

Valve Key

This is the tool for removing and installing Schrader valves. I doubles as a valve cap.


Weight: 3g.

Valve Rubber (metre)

Per Metre
For fishermen, fisherwomen, wildlife rescuers, people with glasses, plus the occasional cyclist. Or maybe only the occasional classic bike restorer. Oh - for connecting matchsticks also to create all sorts of complex geometric shapes!

Order the length required in whole metres only.

 Weight: 10g.

Wheels Mfg Presta Stem Saver

If you use presta valves in a rim drilled for schrader valves you risk damaging the tube around the valve. These adaptors prevent that damage.

Please note: These are sold individually. To order a pair you need to order 2.

Weight: 1g.

Valve Woods


This valve type is no longer in use in the bicycle industry in Australia, but if you're trying to revive your 25 year old folding bike under the house you might need one, and you might need one if you just bought a cheap Chinese wheelbarrow.

Weight: 3g.