Shimano Cassette Mechanisms (Freehub Bodies)

We stock a range of Shimano Freehub Bodies. Scroll down to the Shimano Freehub Body listings and click on the blue product codes to jump straight to the correct freehub body (they're shown below the lists).

Shimano Freehub Bodies   

List Key

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Green Shimano Item Code: The item was in stock at Shimano (last check September 2014)

so should be no problem for us to order.

Orange Shimano Item Code: (9-digit codes) The item was listed by Shimano (last check September 2014) but

they had no stock; these freehub bodies may or may not be available again.

Red Shimano Item Code: The item is no longer available and cannot be ordered by us.

 Rear Hub Model  Description  Freehub Body
 FH-1056 105-SC  Y31D98010 
 FH-3300 Sora  Y32X98040
 FH-4400  Tiagra Y32X98040
 FH-5500  105  Y32X98040
 FH-5501  105 Y32X98040
 FH-6402  600 Ultegra 8 Speed  info not available
 FH-6500  Ultegra  Y32U98010
 FH-7403  Dura-Ace  info not available
 FH-7700  Dura-Ace 9-Speed Y3A098010 
 FH-7800  Dura-Ace 10-Speed Y3B990200 
 FH-A410  RSX Y3AP98020 
 FH-A416  RSX Y32X98040
 FH-A551  RX-100  Y30L98020
 FH-CT90  Altus  0713
 FH-HG50  Exage  Y30H98010
 FH-M290  Acera-X  0713
 FH-M330  Acera  Y3AP98020
FH-M475   Alivio 6-Bolt 2351
 FH-M510  Deore  2829
 FH-M525  Deore 6-Bolt 2829
 FH-M525A  Deore 6-Bolt  00899
 FH-M530  Deore Y3SR98040
 FH-M535  Deore  Y3SR98040
 FH-M555  Deore 6-Bolt  56714
 FH-M565  Deore LX info not available 
 FH-M570  Deore LX 9-Speed  2812
FH-M665  SLX  Y3D398070
 FH-M737  Deore XT 8-Speed  Y32P98010
 FH-M750  Deore XT  Y3BC98030
 FH-M752  Deore XT 56714  
 FH-M755  Deore XT 6-Bolt  Y3BC98010
 FH-M756  Deore XT 6-Bolt 56714 
 FH-M760  Deore XT  Y3C098010
 FH-M765  Deore XT Centrelock Y3C098010
FH-M770   Deore XT  00797
FH-M775   Deore XT  00797
 FH-M785  Deore XT 00797 
 FH-M788-R12 Deore XT 12mm Thru  1653 
 FH-M800 Saint  Y3C298050 
 FH-M950  XTR  Y32T98010
 FH-M960  XTR Y3BY98040 
 FH-M965  XTR Y3BY98040  
 FH-MC12  Alivio Y3AP98020 
 FH-MC18  Alivio Y3A398020 
 FH-MC30  STX info not available 
 FH-MC32  STX info not available 
 FH-MC38  STX-RC info not available 
 FH-R050  Silent Clutch-7 Y3A498010 
 FH-R080  Silent Clutch-8 Y3AX98010 
 FH-RM30-7  Acera 7-Speed 2506 
 FH-RM30-8  Acera 8-Speed  Y4CE98040
 FH-RM40-7  Altus 0713
 FH-RM40-8  Altus 2351
 FH-RM60  Acera Y3CF98040
 FH-RM65 Centrelock  Y3CF98040
Rear Wheel Model  Description  Freehub Body 
WH-5600 105   1521
 WH-6500  Ultegra 9-Speed Y32U98010 
 WH-7700  Dura-Ace Y3A098010 
 WH-7700-C  Dura-Ace 9 Speed Carbon  Y3A098010
 WH-7701  Dura-Ace 9-Speed  Y3A098010
 WH-7701-C  Dura-Ace 9-Speed Carbon Y3B990200 
 WH-7800  Dura-Ace 10-Speed  Y32X98040
 WH-7801  Dura-Ace 10-Speed Y3CM98060 
 WH-7801-SL Dura-Ace 10-Speed   Y3CM98060
 WH-7850  Dura-Ace
 WH-M505    Y4CH98030
 WH-M535  LX/Deore V-Brake 56714 
 WH-M540  LX/Deore V-Brake  56714
 WH-M565  Deore LX 56705
 WH-M575  LX/Deore 6-Bolt  56714
 WH-M765  XT Centrelock  Y3C098010
 FH-M775 XT  0797  
 WH-M788 XT Trail Centrelock  10mm QR 0797 
 WH-M788-R12 XT Trail Centrelock 12mm Thru  1653 
 WH-M959  XTR 6-Bolt Y32T98010 
 WH-M965  XTR Centrelock Y3BY98040 
 WH-M970  XTR  Y3CN98080
 WH-MT15  MTB 8/9-Speed 56716  / 2238
 WH-MT65  MTB 8/9-Speed  56716
 WH-R501    Y4SK98070
 WH-R540  105/Tiagra 9-Speed Y32X98040
 WH-R550  Road Wheel Y4BE98080 
 WH-R560  Road Wheel  Y4C498090
 WH-RS10    2249
WH-RS80  Road Wheel 8/9/10-Speed  2249
 WH-RS10  Road Wheel 8/9/10-Speed  2249
 WH-T560 Trekking Wheel  56705

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Shimano FH-M510 Freehub Body

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