RockShox Suspension & Spares

RockShox Terminology


Rock Shox Marketing Terminology and What We Think It Means

(Rock Shox marketing info gives definitions that we struggle to understand.)

Mission Control: A highly adjustable damper including floodgate that can be turned on and off.

Motion Control: Despite the current marketing info, we understand this to be Rock Shox's stable platform system.

Turn Key: Lockout system with only on or off positions. Compatible with PopLoc remotes. Has a blow-off mechanism for unforeseen impacts.

Dual Air: Independently adjustable positive and negative air spring chambers.

Solo Air: Uses a single valve to simultaneously fill both positive and negative air chambers. Simplifies fork set-up while retaining the plushness of the Dual-Air system.

Isolite Cushion: Don't know. Rock Shox says "The patented IsoLite cushion is designed to have a specific compression, rebound, and spring rate relative to travel."

2-Step Air: Travel adjustment. Features up to 45mm of adjustment, solo air spring and is fully active in the low travel setting.

Air U-Turn: Travel Adjustment, up to 30mm, via external adjuster. Spring rate changes automatically as travel changes. Used with Dual Air spring system.

U-Turn: Travel Adjustment, up to 45mm to a coil spring via external adjuster. Spring rate adjusts as travel changes without affecting preload.

Maxle QR: 20mm through-axle system that's fast to use.

PopLoc: Adjustable Lockout. As well as turning on and off, allows adjustment of the "blow-off" point, which we understand to be the same as the Floodgate.

RockShox Dust/Oil Seal Kit Domain/Lyric

Dust seals and oil seals for RockShox Domain and Lyric forks. Foam oil rings not included.
RockShox Part Number: 11.4015.067.000 (114015067000) Weight: 18g.

RockShox Dust Foam Seal Kit XC30/30 Gold

Black 30mm dust seals and 5mm foam rings for RockShox XC30 & 30 Gold forks.
RockShox Part Number: 11.4018.028.006 (114018028006). Weight: 36g.

Shock Eye Bush 12mm


A Shock Eye Bush is also often called a DU Bush. Fits all Manitou shocks. RockShox used a 12mm (internal) DU Bush from about 2003 until about 2008. Before that they used a 10mm bush, after that a 1/2" (12.7mm) bush.

Internal Diameter: 12mm. External Diameter: 14.2mm. Width: 11.8mm. Weight: 3g.

Suitable Installation Tools: Shock Bushing Tool and Shock Bush Driver 12mm.

Shock Eye Bush 1/2"

A Shock Eye Bush is also often called a DU Bush. Most brands now use the 1/2" (12.7mm) bush; Fox, 5th Element Coil, Romic, X-Fusion from 2008, RockShox since about 2008.

Internal Diameter: 12.7mm. Width: 12.7mm. External Diameter: 15.1mm.

Weight: 3g.

Suitable Installation Tool: Shock Bushing Tool

Buzzys Slick Honey 30cc Stinger

Buzzy's Slick Honey is the bee's knees when it comes to grease. Packed in a syringe for precision application.
Weight: 48g.

RockShox Dust Seal/Foam Ring Kit Rev/Arg


Grey 32mm dust seals and 10mm foam rings for RockShox Revelation, Argyle, Sektor, Tora, Recon and XC32 forks.

RockShox Part Number 11.4310.290.000 (114310290000). The dust seals themselves are the same as in our item code 85164. Weight: 28g.

RockShox Service Kit Tora/Recon Silver


RockShox fork service kit for Tora, Recon Silver Turnkey/Motion Control/Solo Air.

RockShox Part Number: 11.4310.706.000 (114310706000) Weight: 27g.

RockShox Dust Seals 28mm


Grey 28mm dust seals plus foam rings for RockShox Pilot and Sid forks.

RockShox Part Number 11.4307.250.000 (114307250000) Made in Taiwan.

Shipping Weight: 28g.

RockShox Service Kit XC30

Service kit for RockShox XC30 fork.

This service kit does not include the dust seals.

RockShox Part Number: 11.4015.539.010 (114015539010) Weight: 49g.

RockShox Seal Tool 32mm

It's a big lump of plastic, for installing RockShox dust seals on 32mm forks.
Weight: 106g.

RockShox Seal Tool 35mm

It's a big lump of plastic, for installing RockShox dust seals on 35mm forks.
Weight: 122g.

RockShox Seal Tool 40mm

It's a big lump of plastic, for installing RockShox dust seals on 40mm forks.
Weight: 153g.

RockShox Dust Seal Kit Pike/Lyrik/Boxxer

Black 35mm Dust Seals and 6mm Foam Rings for RockShox Pike/Lyrick/Boxxer forks.

RockShox Part Number: 11.4018.028.013 (114018028013) Weight: 28g.

RockShox Service Kit Lyric Solo Air

Service Kit for RockShox Lyric Solo Air fork.
RockShox Part Number: 11.4015.419.010 (114015419010)Weight: 34g.

SRAM Suspension Fluid 1 Litre 10wt

Original RockShox suspension fluid.


Weight: 981g.

RockShox Dust/Oil Seals 32mm

RockShox Reba/Pike dust seal / oil foam ring kit.

RockShox Part Number 11.4308.850.000 (114308850000) The yellow foam rings are about 4mm deep. The dust seals themselves (they grey part) are the same as the dust seals in our item number 0436. The black parts are the oil seals.

Shipping Weight: 40g.

SRAM Rear Shock Fluid Pint 3wt


SRAM PitStop high performance rear shock fluid.

Anti-stiction, anti-wear additives. Consistent damping.

Weight: 443g.

SRAM Suspension Fluid 1 Litre 2.5wt

Original RockShox suspension fluid.


Weight: 981g.

SRAM Suspension Fluid 1 Litre 5wt

Original RockShox suspension fluid.


Weight: 981g.

SRAM Suspension Fluid 1 Litre 15wt

Original RockShox suspension fluid.


Weight: 981g.

Star Nut 1-1/8"

threadless star nut
You'll need one of these with any new fork so you can preload your headset. It needs to be inserted after the steerer tube is cut to length.
 Weight: 10g.

RockShox Service Kit Argyle


Service Kit for 2007 - 2010 Argyle (solo air and coil), 2011 Argyle (coil) - (steel upper tubes only).

Contents: All the stuff in the photo!

RockShox part number 11.4015.026.000 (114015026000) Weight: 99g.

RockShox Service Kit Dart

Service kit for RockShox Dart fork.

RockShox part number 11.4015.210.000 (114015210000) Weight: 5g.

Racing Bros Fork Seal Kit, Fox/RS 32mm

The Racing Bros MODI fork seal kit is a 1-piece design wiper with triple blades. Fits Fox, RockShox, X-Fusion and Specialized AFR forks with 32mm stanchions.

RacingBros all new Lycan Wiper Kit reduces more than 20% of friction and drag. Makes your front fork more sensitive and plush. Low friction dust wipers, ultra-low friction compound and lip design. High density urethane foam ring.

Please note - these seals are not pre-greased and so you'll need some Slick Honey or similar to fit them.

They are supplied with 2 sets of foam rings so you can use the correct ones for your brand of fork.

Shipping Weight: 50g.