Ride Guide - Ridge Road and Deep Creek Dam Singletrack

Written by Andrew Hearne, February 2006. Ridge Road runs between the highway and the coast just south of Batemans Bay. There's a good lot of singletrack along this road. Updated Map of Deep Creek Dam Trails

Ridge Road Single Track


The preferred starting point for Ridge Road singletrack is at the intersection of Ridge Road and Dog Trap Road. To get to here travel to Surfbeach and turn right into Surfbeach Ave and travel to the end and turn right. This is Ridge Road, travel approx 1km and park on either side of the road. In front of you is the intersection of Ridge Road and Dog Trap Road.


Difficulty :

 Easy – Flowing singletrack with both uphill and down.

Moderate – Singletrack with log roll-overs, short steep accents and descents and tight switchbacks.

Difficult – Singletrack with natural obstacles, steep rocky descents, off-camber trails, challenging switchbacks and difficult climbs.

Expert – Man made obstacles and extreme natural terrain.                    


Little Andrew’s

Length : 800m                Difficulty : Easy

Ride west along Ridge Road and 20m past Dog Trap turn left across spoon drain onto singletrack. Follow until it joins back to Ridge Road. Fast flowing singletrack.


Andrew’s & Dropsaw

Length : 400m                Difficulty : Easy

At the end of Little Andrew’s ride straight across the road and up the ramp onto the singletrack, which turns immediately left. Just on the right is a 150m loop called Dropsaw, which comes back to Andrew’s Track. Andrew’s runs downhill finishing back on Ridge Road and near a small round green shed.

Downhill singletrack.


Cody’s Jump

Length : 300m                Difficulty : Easy

At the end of Andrew’s Track ride diagonally across Ridge Road and to the left of Ridge Road a singletrack begins at a log rollover   

(from the opposite direction). Follow this track up hill for 100m till it comes onto some double-track. Follow for another 200m to a hard left hand turn. Watching for start of some single track on the left before the corner.



Length : 300m                Difficulty : Moderate

It begins with a small log roll-over followed by swithbacks then climbs to the top of the hill. Finishes in an open area which is a good place to regroup before the downhill.


Hearne Log & The Switchbacks

Length : 400m                Difficulty : Moderate

From the clearing still heading West enter the singletrack and veer left onto another track which winds around the hill. The choice of a large log rollover (Hearne Log) is then followed by a small drop onto the road. Head diagonally across the road onto The Switchbacks. Finishes up back onto Ridge Road.


The Snake Pit

Length : 150m                Difficulty : Difficult

Veer left up disused fire road heading West. 20m on right follow singletrack into The Snake Pit which is a large pit. It drops steeply under a fallen tree then a number of options await. Choices include  planks, drops, and ramps. Beware holes can be full of water after heavy rain. Straight after this you drop into Pete’s Pit which is a drop followed by a tight right hand bend. It is advisable to walk the Snake Pit prior to riding to determine what line to take based on experience and ability.


Squatters Run

Length : 1500m              Difficulty : Moderate

This singletrack continues on from Pete’s Pit winding its way along running parallel with Ridge Road. Crossing a fire road it rises up to a high point where the option of doing Blair Witch before continuing onto the Goats Track. Squatters Run is flowing singletrack with some high speed corners and a short steep pinch off a fire road to test the weary.


Blair Witch

Length : 250m                Difficulty : Moderate

Firstly is two tight 180 degree switchbacks followed by a maze of super tight singletrack thru a sapling forest only to spit you back onto Squatters Run and onto the Goats Track.


The Goats Track

Length : 150m                Difficulty : Difficult

The singletrack dives down rapidly into a pair of steep switchbacks then traverses across the hill over a couple of roll-overs followed by a steep rocky descent and finishing on Ridge Road.


Going Down

Length :100m               Difficulty : Moderate

At the end of the Goats Track head along Ridge Road for 100m and at the left hand corner a disused firetrail heads East. Carefull not to take Heron Road which heads NE and is well used just turn a little harder East. At the top of this very step fireroad is a singletrack to the right which will get you to the bottom of the hill. Do not attempt to ride down the fireroad as it is too steep and very rutted. The singletrack is a little

off-chamber with a switchback. It ends on the fireroad, turn right then look for a singletrack immediately on you right.


Bracken Track

Length : 3000m              Difficulty : Moderate

The track begins with a short steep descent then into flowing smooth singletrack. After a long straight section you will come to an intersection. Head uphill to the right then immediately left. Follow this downhill and to a righthand bend. You are at the bottom of the gully so beware of mud puddles especially in the creek crossing. Follow until a large hill appears in front of you.


Going Up

Length : 200m                Difficulty : Moderate

This is simply a singletrack switchback climb put in to avoid the fireroad climb. It has one log roll-over and a number of steep switchbacks. Once at the top you will join the fireroad and follow this heading NE or veering left with the fence line. It is a long fireroad descent with kicking water bars so beware.



Length : 800m                Difficulty : Moderate

At the bottom of the fireroad descent you will come to a roundabout of trees and a number of fireroads the road heading to the North goes to Batehaven, the one we want heads South and back up the hill. At the beginning a singletrack heads off to the left which winds its way up the hill beside the fire road. You will notice a number of man made obstacles and berms on the track which are more suited for a downhill run which is highly recommended. Once you are at the top of Backburn you will be under some power-lines. Head South (uphill) along the fireroad until you hit Ridge Road again at the green shed.



Length : 700m                Difficulty : Easy

From the green shed head back up Andrew’s Track and after joining Ridge Road head left for 50m where Able’s singletrack begins on the left.The “original” singletrack runs parallel to Ridge Road on the Northern side from here thru to Dog Trap Road. Flowing singletrack and an alternative to Little Andrew’s.




Round Hill Lookout

Difficulty : Moderate to Difficult

Firstly at the end of squatters run immediately after the forked log rollover turn left on the singletrack and join back onto the fireroad and head right. This goes around the back of the lookout. 80m after the power-lines turn right onto a motorbike trail which heads up onto the main fireroad to the lookout. If you come to the Princess Hway you missed the turn by 50m.

The other way up to the lookout is after the Goats Track hits Ridge Road follow it to the Princess Hway and turn hard left up the dirt road. About 200m up you will see another way to the top other than the road you are currently on it turns off the left and heads straight up the face of the lookout and is recommended for experienced climbers only as it is a real lungbuster.



Length : 20m          Difficulty : Moderate

This is a link track to get from Ridge Road to the top of Cody’s Track.


Animal Track

Length : 250m                Difficulty : Difficult

Once at the top of Round Hill Lookout head into singletrack heading East. The track heads downhill quickly over a number of log roll-overs on a slippery trail. After about 100m a singletrack heads right traversing across the side. The entrance to this singletrack is easy to miss. If you do the track takes you to a steep cutting which finishes at the intersection of Ridge Road and Heron Road (at the start of Going Down) Find the single track and it traverses across then over a log and links in above the Goats Track.


Pete’s Arm

Length : 500m                Difficulty : Moderate

Half way along Andrew’s Track a single track heads off to the right which crosses the hill then heads down thru some bermed corners and over a number of small obstacles into a flat out run parallel to the fireroad linking up with Backburn. This combination is the longest downhill run on offer in this area for those more GRAVITY inclined.


Masters Track

Length : 400m                Difficulty : Expert

Stay on the disused fireroad after passing the entrance to the Snake Pit and follow the road for 100m as it curves around to the left. A hidden singletrack enters on the left amongst the saplings. Two major roll-overs first followed by off-chamber singletrack leading to a ladder crossing of a disused mine. Then climbs up to the fireroad at the end of the Switchbacks.



The majority of these tracks can be ridden in either direction bar Going Down and The Goats Track. The desciption given in this guide is the most enjoyable and for an experienced rider should take about 45-60 minutes to complete without the options.

Areas like The Bracken Track are badly effected by rain particularly during winter. OK if you like mud.

It is nearly impossible to get lost in this area as all the tracks either lead to Ridge Road or run into the populated areas of Batemans Bay. All of these tracks are within 2 Kms of housing.

Ridge Road is heavily used by cars & motorbikes so take care when joining or crossing the road. Also many people walk our tracks so be polite as the majority know they are made and ridden by mountainbikes and they assist us by keeping them clear of sticks and rocks.