Bicycle Hub Axles - Generic

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Front Cone QR M9

This front cone fits most non-Shimano quick-release front wheels

M9 thread (standard front quick-release thread). Cone Depth: 12.5mm. . The bearing end is a very standard shape; the depth of the cone may vary slightly from the original but significant differences can be made up with our range of Wheels Manufacturing Axle Spacers (or other washers).

Weight: 10g.

Hub Axle Front BMX for 1/4" Balls

 Weight: 131g.

Hub Axle Front BMX for 3/16" Balls

 Weight: 117g.

Hub Axle Rear BMX 3/8"

BC thread (ie British Cycle; 3/8" x 26tpi). Length: 152mm.
 Weight: 138g.

Hub Axle Rear Nutted 171mm

For multispeed bikes. Weight: 158g.

Hub Axle Rear QR

145mm long. Weight: 104g.

Wheels Manufacturing Axle Spacers


Axle spacers in a range of thicknesses from 0.5mm to 5mm. Suitable for front or rear use.

Internal Diameter: 10mm. External Diameter: 15.7mm.