Electric Bikes

 We've sold a variety of electric bicycles over the years, but have narrowed our range to what we believe to be the best quality available.

my20 trance e  1 pro_army-1202x673-d0fc3c0

Giant Trance-E+1 Pro Army 2020

my20 trance e  3 pro_red-1202x702-fe5d659

Giant Trance-E+3 Pro BlkRed 2020


Merida 2020 EOneSixty 9000


Merida 2020 EOneSixty 8000

my20 fathom e  3  29er _blue-1202x694-643012a

Giant Fathom E+3 29

my20 reign e  1 pro_red-1201x680-75b9531

Giant Reign-E+1 Pro Red 2020

my20 intrigue e  2 pro_black-1202x659-fa993f0

Liv Intrigue E+ 2 Pro 2020

my20 embolden e  2 _jade teal-1201x682-785610e

Liv Embolden E+ 2 2020