Shimano SPD (Mountain Bike) Pedals

SPD - Shimano Pedalling Dynamics. Usually used on mountain bikes, the small steel cleat is recessed in the sole of the shoe, allowing normal walking as well as clipped in cycling.

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Shimano PD-A530 Pedals Silver

Multi-purpose pedal. Combines the efficiency of the SPD system with the convenience of a platform pedal.
Weight: 383g. Shipping Weight: 557g.

Shimano PD-M520 Pedals Black

An open designed pedal at an economical price.

The open binding mechanism is designed for better mud shedding.

Weight (pair including cleats & screws:428g.

Shimano PD-M530 SPD Pedals Black

Originally designed for the rigours of BMX racing, Shimano's trail pedals have become a popular option for many types of cycling. SPD efficiency combined with larger pedalling platforms for added stability and control.
Weight: 455g. Shipping Weight: 698g.

Shimano PD-T400 ClickR Pedals Black

Shimano Click'R is a new pedal concept aimed at the newcomer to step-in pedals.

Compared to conventional flat pedals or toe clips, step-in pedals offer a far more efficient system for transferring power from your legs to the bike. Shimano Click'R pedals let you ride farther, faster, and longer with less fatigue. Not only that, you also get more stability and control of the bike. So say goodbye to your old energy-sapping shoes and step up to - and into - a smoother ride.

Shipping Weight: 748g.

Shimano SM-SH51 Single Release Mode SPD Cleats

Single release mode cleat. Release the cleats from the pedals by twisting your heels outward.
Fits PD-M959/ M647/ M646 / M545 . M540 / M536 / M520 / M515 / M505 / M424 / M323 / A520 / A515. Weight: 52g.

Shimano SM-SH56 Multi-Release SPD Cleats

The SM-SH56 cleat is Shimano's multi-directional release cleat. The cleat can be released from the pedal by moving the foot in more ways than just twisting your heel outward. It is compatible with all Shimano SPD pedals apart from PD-M858.

Cleat nuts included. Weight includes cleat nuts and screws.

Weight: 81g.

Wheels Manufacturing Pedal Washer

pedal washer
Fitted between the pedal and the crank, these stainless steel washers prevent scratching of the crank surface as the pedal is tightened.

Please Note: these are sold individually. To order a pair you'll need to add 2 to the basket.Weight: 1g.