Shifter Spares Shimano

On this page is a miscellaneous collection of spares that we've needed (and make available on-line) for both road and mountain gear shift levers from Shimano.

Shimano SL-M570 Inner Hole Cap

SL-M570 Inner Hole Cap
Replacement plug for the gear lever replacement cap. Fits various models - any that have a plug that looks like this.
 Weight: 1g.

Shimano ST-6600 Bracket Hoods

Replacement bracket hoods for ST-6600 and ST-5600 shift/brake levers.
Shimano Part Number: Y6K298100. Weight (pair): 44g.

Shimano ST-6700 LH Name Plate A + Screw


Replacement name plate and screw for left side Shimano STI shift/brake lever ST-6700.

Weight: 3g.