Derailleur Spares

Rear derailleurs have two pulleys. The top is called the guide pulley, the bottom is called the tension pulley. On 8, 9 and 10 speed derailleurs, these do vary, and one derailleur needs one of each type of pulley. The difference is mainly that the top one (the guide pulley) moves freely from side to side, by about a half millimetre, to allow the chain to self-align with the rear cassette sprockets.

Alligator Rear Derailleur Cable Adjuster

Giant FD Plate OCR/Defy

Giant FD Plate TCR

Giant FD Plate Trinity Advanced

Giant FD Plate Trinity Alliance

Shimano Braze-On Adaptor 31.8mm

Shimano Standard Pulley Set

Shimano Pulley Set - High Grade Grade & Tension Road/MTB

SRAM Derailleur Pulleys for X0 10sp

SRAM X7 Pulley Set

Sunrace Derailleur Bracket with Nut