BMX Bikes

BMX bikes from GT, Giant, WeThePeople, Haro and others.

Bicycles and the Internet

  We believe in people buying bikes fully assembled from a bike shop. When browsing our site, you'll find information on the bikes we stock, and their prices, but you won't find "add to basket" buttons. In most cases, if you buy a bike from us you'll need to collect it in person from our shop - that way we can fit you to the bike and check that you understand any special features of the bike. It will be fully and professionally assembled and will come with a free service voucher (valid for 4 months).

For further information, give us a call or send us an email.

Customisation Charges

Bicycle customisation charges will vary case to case, but the following are our policies that in most cases will apply.

Changing parts to equivalent or more expensive parts: Example, changing gearing, crank length, stem length: Pay retail price of new parts, less 70% of retail price of original parts.

Change Hub: Pay $50 labour charge plus retail price of new hub and any spokes needed less 30% of the retail price of the old hub.

Changing parts to cheaper parts: (Usually only done coincidentally when changing gearing and fit): Pay retail price of new parts, less 50% of retail price of original parts.

NOTE: The above guidelines are waived if the price of the bike is reduced prior to sale.

Saddles: We can't do a reliable rear-end analysis to tell you reliably which will be the best saddle for you. We offer a 7-day return policy on saddles you're trying on a bike you've bought from us. Pay us in full when you first take the seat, so if you like it nothing further needs to be done. But if you don't like it, you can return it to us provided it's in saleable condition (If you crash and tear it, the dog chews it, or you spill paint on it, you'll have to keep it) and we'll credit the price you paid for the seat against the price of the next one. NOTE: This applies only to saddles we keep in stock. Custom order saddles cannot be returned after trial unless this has been previously agreed to by us.