Brake - Small Parts

Miscellaneous bits and pieces for (non-disc) bicycle brakes.

Brake Barrel Adjuster Steel

M6 adjuster thread and M6 attachment thread.


Weight: 12g.

Brake Cable Anchor Bolt Large

Suits old, steel, sidepull calipers.

6 x 1mm thread.

Weight: 7g.

Brake Cable Anchor Bolt Small

Brake Anchor Bolt Small
Anchor bolt to suit alloy calipers.

5mm thread. Weight: 4g.

Brake Cable Hanger for 1" Threaded Fork

For old fashioned bikes with 1" threaded-steerer forks and centrepull brakes. Barrel adjuster included.
Weight: 27g.

Brake Lever Adjuster M10 Alloy

adjuster m10
Brake Lever Adjuster, made by Jagwire. 10mm thread. Suits Tektro BMX brake levers, plus various others.


Weight: 5g.

Brake Lever Adjuster M7 Alloy

Alloy lever adjuster
7mm metric thread. Suits many MTB & BMX levers.
Weight: 4g.

Cable Stop Clamp 28.6mm

This is a double cable-stop that can be used for gear and/or brake cables. Stops and locates the casing; allows the inner cable through.

Internal Diameter: 28.6mm (to clamp onto 28.6mm frame tube).

Weight: 13g.

Cable Stop Clamp 31.8mm


This is a double cable-stop that can be used for gear and/or brake cables. Stops and locates the casing; allows the inner cable through.

Internal Diameter: 31.8mm (to clamp onto 31.8mm frame tube).

Weight: 14g.

Coaster Brake Arm Clip

For back-pedal brakes. This is the clip that holds the brake arm steady by clipping around the left chain stay.
Length: 100mm. Weight: 13g.

Inner Cable End Cap

Alloy cable end protector
Fits both brake and gear inner cables. Crimp it on the end to stop the cable fraying.
 Weight: 1g.

Jagwire V-Brake Elbow 135 Degree

V-brake guide pipe with 135 degree bend - generally for use on front brakes.
Steel pipe with alloy end caps. Nylon lining. Weight: 5g.

Jagwire V-Brake Elbow 83 Degree

V-brake guide pipe with 83 degree bend - generally for use on rear brakes.
Steel pipe with alloy end caps. Nylon lining. Weight: 4g.

Jagwire V-Brake Guide Pipe Flexi

Easy! A V-Brake guide pipe that can be used front or rear as it flexes to whatever angle necessary.
Weight: 5g.

Odyssey Cable Knarps (pair)


Replacement cable ends.

These replace the "barrel" that fits into a brake lever. The cable fits through, then is locked in place with a grub screw tightened with a 2mm allen key (supplied). Use a 6mm spanner to hold the outside while tightening. Length: 12mm. Weight: 7g.

Road Brake Pivot Bolt M6 x 25mm

Long recessed bolt for attaching road sidepull caliper. Can be used front or rear, depending on frame and fork design.
Weight: 5g.

Road Brake Pivot Bolt M6 x 32mm

Extra long recessed bolt (it's really a nut) for attaching a road sidepull caliper. For some designs of fork.
Weight: 7g.

Rubber Boot for V-Brake

Replacement rubber boot for where the brake cable exits the noodle/elbow on a V-brake.
Weight: 1g.

Shimano BR-M965 Disc Pad Spacer

Slip this between your disc brake pads when the wheel is out so the pads won't adjust to a no-disc situation if the brake lever is pulled.
Weight: 4g.

Shimano ST-6600 Bracket Hoods

Replacement bracket hoods for ST-6600 and ST-5600 shift/brake levers.
Shimano Part Number: Y6K298100. Weight (pair): 44g.

SRAM Avid MMX Matchmaker Clamp pair


Bring your SRAM and Avid shifters and brakes into 1 integrated clamp per side.


25g each clamp

Shipping weight: 88g

SRAM Matchmaker Pair Clamps


Clean up your handlebar space by integrating SRAM trigger shifters (or even RockShox PushLoc) with Avid disc brake levers.


Compatible with all 2 bolt Avid split clamp brake levers.

SRAM Item number: 00.5315.006.000

Shipping weight: 68g

Brake Straddle Cable Bridge

Straddle cable bridge

Just about any cantilever brake can be set up with a standard straddle cable and a straddle cable bridge. Also suits some U-Brakes.

Weight: 11g.

YPK Micky Adjusting Kit Steel

We've found it! At last we have a way of adding a barrel adjuster for fine brake adjustments to bikes that have somehow overlooked this in their design.

The Micky adjusters are designed to insert into your frame's brake-cable stops (they have a nifty couple of protrusions to prevent the female part from turning when you're making adjustments) but can also be used as an inline adjuster. One side will work with the brake casing endcap used; the other without the endcap.

Kit contains two of the pictured adjusters.