Brake Cables & Accessories

Bicycle Brake Cables, guides, caps and O-rings all available for on-line purchase as well as in-store from Moruya Bicycles.

Brake Cable Hanger for Rear Centrepull

A possible solution for bikes that need the cable stop moved further away from a centrepull rear brake.

This cable stop hangs from the seat bolt, but the hole the bolt fits through is only 6mm diameter, so it won't fit all bikes. It is only 2.5mm wide where it hangs from the seat bolt so if you have this much clear space on a 6mm seat bolt, you can use it.

It doesn't have a cable adjuster as there's very little room in which to fit one while allowing the cable casing to enter without undue bending.

Weight: 5g.

Cable Stop Clamp 28.6mm

This is a double cable-stop that can be used for gear and/or brake cables. Stops and locates the casing; allows the inner cable through.

Internal Diameter: 28.6mm (to clamp onto 28.6mm frame tube).

Weight: 13g.

Cable Stop Clamp 31.8mm


This is a double cable-stop that can be used for gear and/or brake cables. Stops and locates the casing; allows the inner cable through.

Internal Diameter: 31.8mm (to clamp onto 31.8mm frame tube).

Weight: 14g.

Gear Cable O-Rings

cable donuts
Set of three O-rings to keep your gear (or brake) cables from making a noise against the frame.

Made to suit gear cables (1.2mm) but will also work fine on brake cables (1.5mm) - just a bit tighter.

Weight: 1g.

Inner Cable End Cap

Alloy cable end protector
Fits both brake and gear inner cables. Crimp it on the end to stop the cable fraying.
 Weight: 1g.

Jagwire Brake Cable & Casing Black

Brake cable universal black
Lined cable for low friction performance. Good quality for an inexpensive cable.
153cm (60") casing, 165cm (65") inner. Barrel end and pear end. Cut off the end you don't need, pull out the inner cable, cut the casing to the length/s you require, and put your brake together! For a professional looking job, add casing end caps as necessary, and a cable inner end cap. Weight: 106g.

Jagwire Brake Inner Cable Stainless MTB

Quality stainless steel inner brake cable from Jagwire. Barrel end to suit MTB and BMX bikes. (All bikes with upright, as opposed to drop bars).
Cable Length: 1700mm. Weight: 24g.

Jagwire Brake Inner Cable Tandem MTB

Stainless steel slick inner cable 2.75 metres long. 

Cable has a barrel end (MTB/BMX style).

Weight: 39g.

Jagwire C-Clip Cable Guide

Various bicycle frames are now designed to use these clips (or cable ties) to attach gear or brake housing to the frame.
Weight: 1g.

Jagwire V-Brake Elbow 135 Degree

V-brake guide pipe with 135 degree bend - generally for use on front brakes.
Steel pipe with alloy end caps. Nylon lining. Weight: 5g.

Jagwire V-Brake Elbow 83 Degree

V-brake guide pipe with 83 degree bend - generally for use on rear brakes.
Steel pipe with alloy end caps. Nylon lining. Weight: 4g.

Jagwire V-Brake Guide Pipe Flexi

Easy! A V-Brake guide pipe that can be used front or rear as it flexes to whatever angle necessary.
Weight: 5g.

Odyssey Cable Knarps (pair)


Replacement cable ends.

These replace the "barrel" that fits into a brake lever. The cable fits through, then is locked in place with a grub screw tightened with a 2mm allen key (supplied). Use a 6mm spanner to hold the outside while tightening. Length: 12mm. Weight: 7g.

Rubber Boot for V-Brake

Replacement rubber boot for where the brake cable exits the noodle/elbow on a V-brake.
Weight: 1g.

Shimano Brake Cable Inner MTB Stainless

For best brake performance.

We use a Shimano inner and Shimano casing for the front brake of bikes with a rotor. Nothing else we've tried does the job as reliably. Excellent quality. Weight: 25g.

Shimano Brake Casing Cap 6mm Chrome

outer end cap
Suits brake cable casings. 5mm internal diameter, 6mm external diameter. This is a quality endcap, with a thicker end than many others.
These are usually needed on mountain bike and BMX brake cables, but on modern road bikes they are usually not needed at the lever or at the caliper; only at the frame stops. Weight: 1g.

Shimano Brake Casing M-System Black

Per Metre
shimano m-system casing
Shimano's mountain bike casing. Pre lubed. Highly recommended if quality and performance are what you're after. We use this casing on road bikes too - the only difference we can discern is what's written on the casing.

Casing can be ordered in decimal quantities, so order the length you'd like. Weight: 61g per metre.

Shimano Brake Inner Cable Road Stainless

Stainless steel inner brake cable for road bike use.


Length: 2050mm. Diameter: 1.6mm.

Weight: 26g.

Shimano Brake Inner Cable Road Tandem

Stainless steel inner cable, pear end, 3500mm long.

Weight: 44g.

Shimano Inner Cable End Cap 1.6mm (x100)


Inner cable end cap designed for brake cables (1.6mm diameter) but also perfectly suitable for gear cables (1.2mm diameter).

Weight: 37g.

Brake Straddle Cable Bridge

Straddle cable bridge

Just about any cantilever brake can be set up with a standard straddle cable and a straddle cable bridge. Also suits some U-Brakes.

Weight: 11g.

Straddle Cable for Cantilever Brakes

Single ended cable. Needs anchor bolt at other end. Length: 380mm.

For cantilever and some U-Brakes.

Weight: 9g.