Full Service

Preventative Maintenance - that's what you buy with a Moruya Bicycles Full Service. The intention of a Full Service is that the bike be ridden for the next year without any problems.

We don't just attend to a bike's obvious problems. We check the bike over thoroughly and adjust all that needs adjusting, tighten all that needs tightening, lube all that needs lubing, and replace all that needs replacing (parts additional).

A Moruya Bicycles Full Service is comprehensive and thorough, and will keep your bike running at its best, so you can enjoy your cycling to the full.

We recommend a Full Service annually for most riders, and half-yearly for heavy-use riders.






These prices are for the labour component only; all parts used will be charged in addition to the Service Charge

We'll discuss with you when you bring your bike in what parts should be replaced during the service..

 Bike Type  Charge  Code
 Geared Bike  $110  LSG
 Geared Bike (with discount voucher)  $77  LSGD
 Single Speed Bike  $70  LSS
 Single Speed Bike (with discount voucher)  $49  LSSD


A Full Service includes the fitting (not the supply) of the following parts:

Pedals, Tyres, Tubes, Gear Cables, Rear Sprockets, Chain, Brake Cables, Brake Pads, Saddle, Grips (straight bar), Gear Levers, Left Crank.



 Bottom Bracket Overhaul or Replacement  $20  LS+BB
 Degrease Drivetrain  $20  LS+DG
 Headset Overhaul or Replacement  $20  LS+HS
 Hub Overhaul  $20  LS+HB
 Tape Handlebars  $15  LS+BT



Every time you get a Full Service done at Moruya Bicycles, we give you a Discount Service Voucher to give you 30% off the Full Service Charge next time you get that bike serviced.

The voucher expires thirteen (13) months after the date of invoicing of the Full Service. This is our way of encouraging you to keep your bike in top condition, so you'll get maximum enjoyment from riding it. It's also our way of saying "Thank You" to our regular customers, while reflecting the fact that it's easier for us to service a bike that we've assembled or that we've serviced in the last year.

A Discount Service Voucher can only be used for the bicycle it was supplied for, and before its expiry date.




When you buy a new bike from Moruya Bicycles we give you a Free Service Voucher to be used within 4 months of the date of purchase (3 months is the recommended time). Even though all will probably seem well with the bike, it's a good idea for you to let us carry out the usual checks and preventative maintenance of a Full Service

. When we carry out the Free Service, we'll give you a Discount Service Voucher to be used within the following 13 months; this way you can have your bike serviced annually at very reasonable cost.

A Free Service Voucher can only be used for the bicycle it was supplied for, and before its expiry date, and cannot be traded for any other goods or services.




Clean Bike. With water & detergent, gently rinse off with hose.

 Frame / Fork:

  • Check that frame and fork are straight.
  • Lift fork boots (if fitted), wipe and lube fork upper tubes. If fork bushes are excessively worn, organise replacement or fork service.
  • Check tightness and lubrication of rear suspension linkages.

Bottom Bracket:

  • Adjust as necessary
  • Check that locknut is tight
  • Spray lube (HHS2000) if bearing feels dry
  • (CARTRIDGE BOTTOM BRACKET) - Spray Rost Off around threads Left and Right

* If bottom bracket needs overhaul or removal, an extra charge applies (LS+BB)


  • (THREE PIECE) - Tighten Left and Right
  • (ONE PIECE) - Check straightness and note any problem on worksheet


  • Check tightness
  • Spray Rost Off around threads, front and back, left and right
  • Check tightness of cage screws
  • Lube release mechanism of SPD style pedals with HHS2000


  • Check adjustment
  • Check that locknut is tight (use tools)
  • If bearing is dry, spray into bearings with HHS2000

* If headset needs overhaul or replacement, an extra charge applies (LS+HS)


  • Check adjustment
  • Check that cones locknuts are tight
  • Lube skewers

* If hub needs overhaul, an extra charge applies (LS+HB)

Spokes / Rims:

  • Check that wheels are true and that spoke tension is OK. Tension and true as necessary (for good brake adjustment) with wheel on bike.

* If wheel needs to be removed to true in truing stand, an extra charge applies (LS+WT)

Tyres / Tubes:

  • Check tyres and replace tyres and/or tubes as necessary
  • If tyres are not in good condition but are not replaced, note on worksheet
  • Inflate (to 50psi for 20"/24"/26", 60+ psi for 27"/700c, 40psi for 12"/16", 30psi for nylon wheels)

Bars / Stem:

  • Check that stem is tight and not above minimum insertion level
  • Check that handlebars are tight
  • Check position and tighten controls and bell
  • Check grips or tape and replace if necessary
  • Plug ends of bars if they're not covered
  • Spray Rost Off around stem
  • Spray Rost Off on bolt threads and on bolt heads if any corrosion is happening

* Note - if drop bars need re taping,  an extra charge applies (LS+BT)


  • Check chain for wear - if worn, and new chain not ordered, contact customer or make note on worksheet.
  • Wipe Chain with rag, scrape gunk off chainwheels, rear sprockets and jockey wheels

* Note - if drivetrain needs degreasing, an extra charge applies (LS+DG or LS+DT)

  • Lube:
    • chain
    • derailleur pivots front and rear
    • jockey wheels
    • adjusters
    • cable exit points
    • full length of exposed cables if corrosion is starting (but function is still OK)
    • levers if necessary due to gunk and corrosion
  • Check derailleur and lever alignment and tightness
  • Adjust derailleurs front and rear; replacing cables or other parts as necessary.


  • Lube bosses or pivot points with HHS2000
  • Lube levers as necessary
  • Lube cable exit points with Tri Flow
  • Lube full length of exposed cables if corrosion is starting (but function is OK)
  • Clean rims with methylated spirits
  • Check that all brake attachment bolts are tight
  • Adjust and centre brakes, replacing parts as necessary.
  • (Disc Brakes) - Check all rotor bolts are tight. If not, refit with loktite.
  • (Disc Brakes) - Check pad condition front and rear.

Seat & Seat Pillar:

  • Lube any Quick Release mechanism with HHS2000
  • Check that saddle is tight
  • Check that pillar is tight and not raised above minimum insertion level - rectify if necessary
  • Spray around pillar (and bolt if fitted) with Rost Off


  • Stand - check tightness and lube with HHS2000
  • Check tightness of any other accessories