Shimano Front Hub Cones & Axles

Part numbers shown in blue in the Shimano Hub Axle & Cone Lists are kept in stock by us (when possible) and and are hyperlinked to each item on this webpage. The cones themselves are shown below the Shimano Axle & Cone Lists. You may also wish to visit our Hub Axles & Cones - Non Shimano page.

We recommend replacing the balls when you service your hub. Balls appear at the end of this page.

 Shimano Front Hub & Wheel Axles and Cones

 List Key

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 Green Shimano Item Code: The item was in stock at Shimano (last update September 2014)

 so should be no problem for us to order.

 Orange Shimano Item Code: The item was listed by Shimano (last check September  2014) but

 they had no stock; these items may or may not be available again.

 Red Shimano Item Code: The item is no longer available and cannot be ordered by us.

 Front Hub Model   Description   Axle Kit   Left Cone   Right Cone 
 HB-1055  105-SC  xxxxxx  fc01  fc01
 HB-1056  105  xxxxxx  fc01  fc01
 HB-2200    Y21H98050  fc01  fc01
 WH-3N71  Dynamo Wheel  N/A  N/A  Y20D98020
 HB-3300  Sora  Y22U98010  fc01  fc01
 HB-3500  Sora  2395  fc03  fc03
 HB-4400  Tiagra  Y21H98070  fc06  fc06
 HB-4500    Y2TA98020  fc07  fc07
 HB-5500  105  Y23W98030  fc04*  fc04*
 HB-5501  105  Y23W98030  fc04* fc04*
 WH-5600  105 Front Wheel  Y4CF98010  Y4CF98020  Y4CF98020
 HB-5700  105  Y2U198030  Y2U198040  Y2U198040
 HB-6400  600 Ultegra  xxxxxx  fc01  fc01
 HB-6500  Ultegra  Y23V98010  fc04*  fc04*
 WH-6500  Ultegra 9-Speed Wheel  Y4CF98020  fc07  fc07
 HB-6600  Ultegra  Y26A98020  fc04*  fc04*
 WH-6600  Ulgegra  Y4CF98010  fc08  fc08
 HB-6700  Ultegra  Y27S98020  fc11  fc11
 WH-6700  Ultegra  Y4F898020  Y4F898030  Y4F898030
 WH-6800  Ultegra  Y49298020  Y49298040  Y49298030
 HB-7400  Dura-Ace  Y21698030  Y21692020  Y21692020
 HB-7600  Dura-Ace Track Hub  Y26898010  Y26898120  Y26898120
 HB-7700  Dura-Ace 9-Speed  Y22Z98010  Y22Z98030  Y22Z98030
 WH-7700  Dura-Ace 9-Speed 2001  Y22Z98010  Y22Z98030  Y22Z98030
 WH-7700-C  Dura-Ace 9-Speed Carbon  Y22Z98010  Y22Z98030  Y22Z98030
 WH-7701  Dura-Ace 9-Speed 2002  Y22Z98010  Y22Z98030  Y22Z98030
 WH-7701-C  Dura-Ace 9-Speed Carbon  Y22Z98010  Y22Z98030  Y22Z98030
 HB-7800  Dura-Ace 10-Speed  Y25R98030  fc10  Y25R98040
 WH-7800  Dura-Ace 10-Speed  Y4B998010  Y4B998030  Y4B998020
 WH-7801 (All)  Dura-Ace 10-Speed  Y4BN98010  Y4BN98040  Y4BN98020
 WH-7850 (All)  Dura-Ace 10-Speed  Y4EF98010  Y2EF98030  Y4EF98020
 WH-9000-C24   24mm Clincher, Tubeless & Tubular  Y28E98030  Y28E98050  Y28E98040
 HB-A410  RSX  xxxxxx  fc01  fc01
 HB-A416  RSX  xxxxxx  fc01  fc01
 HB-A550  RX-100  xxxxxx  fc01  fc01
 HB-CT90  Altus  xxxxxx  fc01  fc01
 HB-M290  Acera-X  xxxxxx  fc01  fc01
 HB-M330  Acera  Y21H98070  fc06  fc06
 HB-M430  Non-Series  2395  fc03  fc03
 HB-M475 (M9)  Deore 2004, 9mm Thread  Use M10  fc01  fc01
 HB-M475 (M10)  Deore, 10mm Thread  Y2T398040  fc09  fc09
 HB-M495    Y25W98010  fc09  fc09
 WH-M505  MTB Sport Wheelset  Y4CH98040  Y2T898030  Y4CH98050
 HB-M510  Deore  Y21L98010  fc05  fc05
 HB-M525  Deore - Disc  55103  fc05  fc05
 HB-M529  Deore - disc  Y2TV98010  T2TV98030  Y2TV98020
 HB-M530  Deore  Y2T798010  Y2T798020  Y2T798020
 HB-M535  Deore  Y2T898010  fc14   Y2T898020
 WH-M535  LX/Deore V-Brake  Y4AC98010  Y4AC98020  Y4AC98020
 WH-M540  LX/Deore V-Brake  Y4B298010  Y4B298020  Y4B298020
 HB-M555  Deore - Disc  Y24N98030  Y24N98040  Y24N98040
 HB-M563  Deore LX, M9 Steel Axle  Y24C98020  fc04  fc04
 HB-M564  Deore LX, M10 Steel Axle  Y21S98010  Y21S98020  Y21S98020
 WH-M565  MTB/Sport Wheelset  Y4C698010  Y4C698030  Y4C698020
 HB-M570  Deore LX, M9 Steel Axle  Y24C98020  fc04  fc04
 HB-M571  Deore LX, M10 Steel Axle  Y21S98010  fc14  fc14
 HB-M575  Freeride Wheel  xxxxxx  Y24N98040  Y24N98040
 WH-M575  LX/Deore 6-Bolt Disc  Y4AE98010  Y24N98040  Y24N98040
 HB-M585  Deore LX  Y25Y98010  fc14  fc14
 HB-M590    xxxxxx  Y2TR98020  Y2TR98020
 HB-M595  Deore Centrelock M10 Steel Axle  1265  Y2TS98030  Y2TS98020
 HB-M618  Deore Front Hub  Y24698010  Y24698020  Y24698040
 HB-M678  Deore Front Hub  Y24698010  Y24698020  Y2UK06000
 HB-M737  Deore XT, M9 Steel Axle  Y23K98010  fc04  fc04
 HB-M738  Deore XT, M11 Alloy Axle  Y23L98040  Y23L98030  Y23L98030
 HB-M750  Deore XT, M9 Steel Axle  Y23K98010  fc04  fc04
 HB-M751  Deore XT, M11 Steel Axle  Y23L98040  Y23L98030  Y23L98030
 HB-M752  Deore XT, M9 Steel Axle  Y23K98010  fc04  fc04
 HB-M753  Deore XT, M11 Alloy Axle  Y23L98040  Y23L98030  Y23L98030
 HB-M755  Deore XT - Disc  Y24N98030  Y24N98040  Y24N98040
 HB-M756  Deore XT - Disc  Y24N98030  Y24N98040  Y24N98040
 HB-M760  Deore XT  Y25S98010 fc14  fc14
 HB-M765  Deore XT  Y25T98020  fc14  fc14
 WH-M765  XT Centrelock, 9mm Axle  Y4BB98010  Y4BB98020  Y4BB98020
 WH-M765  XT Centrelock, 10mm Axle  Y4BB98090  fc14  fc14
 HB-M775  Deore XT  Y26K98030  Y26J98020  Y26J98020
 WH-M775  Deore XT  Y26K98030  Y4BB98020  Y4BB98020
 WH-M776  Deore XT  Y4DD98010  Y4DD98020  Y26H08000
 HB-M778  20mm Thru  xxxxxx  Y2TN98020  Y2TN12000
 WH-M778  Deore XT  Y4FE98010  Y4FE98040  Y2TN12000
 WH-M785  Deore XT  0207  Y26J98020  Y2UB98020
 HB-M788  Deore XT  Y2UC98010  Y2UC98020


 HB-M800  Saint  xxxxxx  Y25U98050  Y25U98050
 HB-M820  Saint  Y21F98010  Y28F98030  Y28F06000
 HB-M950  XTR, M11 Alloy Axle  Y23R98010  Y23R98020  Y23R98020
 HB-M960  XTR  Y24Y98020  Y24Y98030  Y24Y98030
 HB-M965  XTR  Y24Y98020  Y24Y98030  Y24Y98030
 WH-M965 XTR   Y24Y98020  Y24Y98030  Y24Y98030
 WH-M975  XTR  Y26E98010  Y26D98040  Y26D98040
 HB-M976    xxxxxx  Y26H08000  Y26H08000
 WH-M985  XTR  Y27W98020  Y27W98030  Y27W98030
 HB-MC12  Alivio  Y21H98070  fc06  fc06
 HB-MC30  STX  xxxxxx  fc05  fc05
 HB-MC32  STX  Y21L98010  fc05  fc05
 HB-MC33  STX-RC  Y21L98010  fc05  fc05
 WH-MT75  XT Level 29er  Y26K98030  Y26K98040  Y26J98020
 WH-R500  Road Wheel  Y4BG98030  fc04  fc04
 WH-R501  Road Wheel  Y4SK98010  fc07  fc07
 WH-R535 105/Tiagra 9sp, 10mm Axle   Y4AC98010  Y4AC98020  Y4AC98020
 WH-R540  105/Tiagra 9sp  Y4BE98020  fc08  fc08
 WH-R550  Road Wheel  Y4BE98020  fc08  fc08
 WH-R560  Road Wheel  Y4C498010  Y4C498020  Y4C498020
 WH-R561  Road Wheel  Y4CF98010  Y4CF98020  Y4CF98020
 WH-R580  Road Wheel  no info available  Y4CF98020  Y4CF98020
 WH-R600  Road Wheel  Y4BR98020  Y4BR98030  Y4BR98030
 WH-R601  Road Wheel  Y4CF98010  Y4CF98020  Y4CF98020
 HB-RM40  Altus (QR Version)  Y21H98050  fc01  fc01
 HB-RM50  Exage  xxxxxx  fc01  fc01
 HB-RM65  Non-Series C/Lock, M10 Axle  2555  fc09  fc09
 HB-RM66    xxxxxx  Y2U898030  Y2U898020
 WH-RS10  Road Wheel  Y4DV98010  Y4DV98020  Y4DV98020
 WH-RS20  Road Wheel  Y4GF98010  Y4DV98020  Y4DV98020
 WH-RS30  Road Wheel  2212  fc13  fc13
 WH-RS80-C50  Road Wheel  Y4GW98020  Y4GW98030  Y4GW98030

Shimano Ball Retainer 3/16"

This Shimano ball retainer is used in the following Deore XT hubs and wheels: FH-M770, FH-M775, FH-M785, HB-M770, HB-M775, HB-M785, WH-M776, WH-MT75.

Shimano Part Number Y26J98030.

Weight: 5g.

Shimano HB-2200 Front Cone

Suits HB-2200, HB-M290 (Acera-X), HB-CT90 (Altus), HB-RM40 (Altus), HB-RM50 (Exage). Also to be used for HB-3300 (Sora), HB-A410 (RSX), HB-A416 (RSX), HB-A550 (RX-100) and HB-M475 (Deore 2004, 9mm thread). 

Shimano Part Number: Y23104000. M9 x 10.5mm. No seals. Replaces cone number Y21C04000.

Also replaces Shimano Part Number Y20298050 but it lacks the twin plastic seals.  Weight: 8g.

Shimano HB-3500 Complete Hub Axle


Front hub axle with cones, washers and locknuts to suit Shimano front hubs HB-3500 and HB-M430. Balls (3/16 x 22) included.

Shimano Part Number: Y2UL98010. Shipping Weight: 100g.

Shimano HB-M430 Front Cone+Locknut

Replacement front cone for Shimano HB-M430 front hub.
Shimano Part Number: Y2TZ98030. Cone Depth: 12mm, Cone Outer Diameter: 14.8mm. Dustcap Outer Diameter: 25.5mm. Washer Thickness: 2.6mm. Locknut Thickness: 2.9mm. Dustcap Material: Plastic. Weight: 19g.

Shimano HB-M475/495 M10 Front Cone

Fits HB-M475 with a 10mm axle. Also fits HB-RM65.

M10 x 10.4mm. Seal rings included.

Shimano Part Number: Y25W98020. Shipping Weight: 10g.

Shimano HB-M525 Front Axle Kit


M10 x 108mm Front Axle Kit for HB-M525.

If your hub has a 9mm axle, it can be replaced with this stronger 10mm axle and cone kit as the outer profile of the cones is the same as the 9mm version. Shipping Weight: 100g

Shimano HB-M525 Front Cone M9


The Shimano cone has now been replaced by an equally good cone from Wheels Manufacturing. Our advice is that Shimano has discontinued its cone, so we had to source these elsewhere. So far they look to be as good as the manufacturer says they are.

Suits HB-M525 (Deore - Disc), HB-M510 (Deore), HB-MC33 (STX-RC), HB-MC32 (STX), HB-MC30 (STX). Also can be used in place of discontinued Shimano Part Number Y21498020 which suited HB-1055/1056/6400 but will need the steel dust cover removed (see "More details").

M9 x 11.5mm. Steel dustcap included.

Shimano (discontinued) Part Number: Y21L98020. Weight: 10g.

Shimano HB-M570 Front Cone


No Longer Available see our FC02

Suits: HB-M752 (Deore XT, M9 steel axle), HB-M750 (Deore XT, M9 steel axle), HB-M737 (Deore XT, M9 steel axle), HB-M570 (Deore LX, M9 steel axle), HB-M563 (Deore LX, M9 steel axle)

This is also our recommended substitute for Shimano's discontinued Part Numbers Y4BG98020 (for WH-R500 and also suitable for HB-6500, WH-6500 and HB-6600), Y23V98020 (for HB-6500, WH-6500) and Y24W98090 (for HB-5500 and HB-6600) but the dust covers are different and incompatible. See "More details" for advice on this.

M9 x 12.8mm. Steel and rubber dust seals included.

Shimano Part Number: Y21R98030. Weight: 11g.

Shimano HB-M595 Front Axle Kit

Replacement front hub axle kit for Shimano Deore Centrelock front hub HB-M595.

Includes axle, cones, spacers, locknuts and balls (3/16" x 22).


Shimano HB-MC12 Front Cone

Suits: HB-MC12 (Alivio) & HB-M330 (Acera).

M9 x 10.4mm. Steel dust seal included.

Shimano Part Number: Y21H98080. Weight: 9g.

Shimano HB-RM65 Front Axle Kit

Shimano HB-RM65 front axle kit. Includes axle, cones, balls (3/16" x 20) locknuts.
Shipping Weight: 100g.

Shimano WH-R501 Front Cone/Locknut

Suits Shimano WH-R501 front wheel and HB-4500 front hub.

Shimano Part Number: Y2TA98030. Cone is M9 x 12.2mm. Washer is 2.8mm thick. Locknut is 3.1mm thick.

Shipping Weight: 22g.

Shimano WH-RS30 Front Cone + Locknut

Replacement front cone & locknut for Shimano WH-RS30 front wheel.
Shimano Part Number Y4EW98030. Cone Depth: 20.5mm. Shipping Weight: 33g.

Wheels Manufacturing Axle Spacers


Axle spacers in a range of thicknesses from 0.5mm to 5mm. Suitable for front or rear use.

Internal Diameter: 10mm. External Diameter: 15.7mm.

Shimano HB-M785 Front Axle Kit

Suits 9mm QR. Includes balls, retainers, cones etc.
Weight: 75g

Wheels Mfg Cone R099

Compatible with Shimano LX HB-M570 and XT HB-M750, 9mm x 1 front axle.

Made by Wheels Manufacturing and precision machined to Ultegra or higher quality standards. That ensures the cones fit correctly, run smoothly and have a long service life. Replaces Shimano cone recognised in Part Number Y21R98030. Does not include dust seal ring.

Weight: 15g