Shimano Front Hub Cones & Axles

Part numbers shown in blue in the Shimano Hub Axle & Cone Lists are kept in stock by us (when possible) and and are hyperlinked to each item on this webpage. The cones themselves are shown below the Shimano Axle & Cone Lists. You may also wish to visit our Hub Axles & Cones - Non Shimano page.

We recommend replacing the balls when you service your hub. Balls appear at the end of this page.

 Shimano Front Hub & Wheel Axles and Cones

 List Key

 Blue Hyperlink Text: Each item is linked to the relevant item on this page (below the table).

 Green Shimano Item Code: The item was in stock at Shimano (last update September 2014)

 so should be no problem for us to order.

 Orange Shimano Item Code: The item was listed by Shimano (last check September  2014) but

 they had no stock; these items may or may not be available again.

 Red Shimano Item Code: The item is no longer available and cannot be ordered by us.

 Front Hub Model   Description   Axle Kit   Left Cone   Right Cone 
 HB-1055  105-SC  xxxxxx  fc01  fc01
 HB-1056  105  xxxxxx  fc01  fc01
 HB-2200    Y21H98050  fc01  fc01
 WH-3N71  Dynamo Wheel  N/A  N/A  Y20D98020
 HB-3300  Sora  Y22U98010  fc01  fc01
 HB-3500  Sora  2395  fc03  fc03
 HB-4400  Tiagra  Y21H98070  fc06  fc06
 HB-4500    Y2TA98020  fc07  fc07
 HB-5500  105  Y23W98030  fc04*  fc04*
 HB-5501  105  Y23W98030  fc04* fc04*
 WH-5600  105 Front Wheel  Y4CF98010  Y4CF98020  Y4CF98020
 HB-5700  105  Y2U198030  Y2U198040  Y2U198040
 HB-6400  600 Ultegra  xxxxxx  fc01  fc01
 HB-6500  Ultegra  Y23V98010  fc04*  fc04*
 WH-6500  Ultegra 9-Speed Wheel  Y4CF98020  fc07  fc07
 HB-6600  Ultegra  Y26A98020  fc04*  fc04*
 WH-6600  Ulgegra  Y4CF98010  fc08  fc08
 HB-6700  Ultegra  Y27S98020  fc11  fc11
 WH-6700  Ultegra  Y4F898020  Y4F898030  Y4F898030
 WH-6800  Ultegra  Y49298020  Y49298040  Y49298030
 HB-7400  Dura-Ace  Y21698030  Y21692020  Y21692020
 HB-7600  Dura-Ace Track Hub  Y26898010  Y26898120  Y26898120
 HB-7700  Dura-Ace 9-Speed  Y22Z98010  Y22Z98030  Y22Z98030
 WH-7700  Dura-Ace 9-Speed 2001  Y22Z98010  Y22Z98030  Y22Z98030
 WH-7700-C  Dura-Ace 9-Speed Carbon  Y22Z98010  Y22Z98030  Y22Z98030
 WH-7701  Dura-Ace 9-Speed 2002  Y22Z98010  Y22Z98030  Y22Z98030
 WH-7701-C  Dura-Ace 9-Speed Carbon  Y22Z98010  Y22Z98030  Y22Z98030
 HB-7800  Dura-Ace 10-Speed  Y25R98030  fc10  Y25R98040
 WH-7800  Dura-Ace 10-Speed  Y4B998010  Y4B998030  Y4B998020
 WH-7801 (All)  Dura-Ace 10-Speed  Y4BN98010  Y4BN98040  Y4BN98020
 WH-7850 (All)  Dura-Ace 10-Speed  Y4EF98010  Y2EF98030  Y4EF98020
 WH-9000-C24   24mm Clincher, Tubeless & Tubular  Y28E98030  Y28E98050  Y28E98040
 HB-A410  RSX  xxxxxx  fc01  fc01
 HB-A416  RSX  xxxxxx  fc01  fc01
 HB-A550  RX-100  xxxxxx  fc01  fc01
 HB-CT90  Altus  xxxxxx  fc01  fc01
 HB-M290  Acera-X  xxxxxx  fc01  fc01
 HB-M330  Acera  Y21H98070  fc06  fc06
 HB-M430  Non-Series  2395  fc03  fc03
 HB-M475 (M9)  Deore 2004, 9mm Thread  Use M10  fc01  fc01
 HB-M475 (M10)  Deore, 10mm Thread  Y2T398040  fc09  fc09
 HB-M495    Y25W98010  fc09  fc09
 WH-M505  MTB Sport Wheelset  Y4CH98040  Y2T898030  Y4CH98050
 HB-M510  Deore  Y21L98010  fc05  fc05
 HB-M525  Deore - Disc  55103  fc05  fc05
 HB-M529  Deore - disc  Y2TV98010  T2TV98030  Y2TV98020
 HB-M530  Deore  Y2T798010  Y2T798020  Y2T798020
 HB-M535  Deore  Y2T898010  fc14   Y2T898020
 WH-M535  LX/Deore V-Brake  Y4AC98010  Y4AC98020  Y4AC98020
 WH-M540  LX/Deore V-Brake  Y4B298010  Y4B298020  Y4B298020
 HB-M555  Deore - Disc  Y24N98030  Y24N98040  Y24N98040
 HB-M563  Deore LX, M9 Steel Axle  Y24C98020  fc04  fc04
 HB-M564  Deore LX, M10 Steel Axle  Y21S98010  Y21S98020  Y21S98020
 WH-M565  MTB/Sport Wheelset  Y4C698010  Y4C698030  Y4C698020
 HB-M570  Deore LX, M9 Steel Axle  Y24C98020  fc04  fc04
 HB-M571  Deore LX, M10 Steel Axle  Y21S98010  fc14  fc14
 HB-M575  Freeride Wheel  xxxxxx  Y24N98040  Y24N98040
 WH-M575  LX/Deore 6-Bolt Disc  Y4AE98010  Y24N98040  Y24N98040
 HB-M585  Deore LX  Y25Y98010  fc14  fc14
 HB-M590    xxxxxx  Y2TR98020  Y2TR98020
 HB-M595  Deore Centrelock M10 Steel Axle  1265  Y2TS98030  Y2TS98020
 HB-M618  Deore Front Hub  Y24698010  Y24698020  Y24698040
 HB-M678  Deore Front Hub  Y24698010  Y24698020  Y2UK06000
 HB-M737  Deore XT, M9 Steel Axle  Y23K98010  fc04  fc04
 HB-M738  Deore XT, M11 Alloy Axle  Y23L98040  Y23L98030  Y23L98030
 HB-M750  Deore XT, M9 Steel Axle  Y23K98010  fc04  fc04
 HB-M751  Deore XT, M11 Steel Axle  Y23L98040  Y23L98030  Y23L98030
 HB-M752  Deore XT, M9 Steel Axle  Y23K98010  fc04  fc04
 HB-M753  Deore XT, M11 Alloy Axle  Y23L98040  Y23L98030  Y23L98030
 HB-M755  Deore XT - Disc  Y24N98030  Y24N98040  Y24N98040
 HB-M756  Deore XT - Disc  Y24N98030  Y24N98040  Y24N98040
 HB-M760  Deore XT  Y25S98010 fc14  fc14
 HB-M765  Deore XT  Y25T98020  fc14  fc14
 WH-M765  XT Centrelock, 9mm Axle  Y4BB98010  Y4BB98020  Y4BB98020
 WH-M765  XT Centrelock, 10mm Axle  Y4BB98090  fc14  fc14
 HB-M775  Deore XT  Y26K98030  Y26J98020  Y26J98020
 WH-M775  Deore XT  Y26K98030  Y4BB98020  Y4BB98020
 WH-M776  Deore XT  Y4DD98010  Y4DD98020  Y26H08000
 HB-M778  20mm Thru  xxxxxx  Y2TN98020  Y2TN12000
 WH-M778  Deore XT  Y4FE98010  Y4FE98040  Y2TN12000
 WH-M785  Deore XT  0207  Y26J98020  Y2UB98020
 HB-M788  Deore XT  Y2UC98010  Y2UC98020


 HB-M800  Saint  xxxxxx  Y25U98050  Y25U98050
 HB-M820  Saint  Y21F98010  Y28F98030  Y28F06000
 HB-M950  XTR, M11 Alloy Axle  Y23R98010  Y23R98020  Y23R98020
 HB-M960  XTR  Y24Y98020  Y24Y98030  Y24Y98030
 HB-M965  XTR  Y24Y98020  Y24Y98030  Y24Y98030
 WH-M965 XTR   Y24Y98020  Y24Y98030  Y24Y98030
 WH-M975  XTR  Y26E98010  Y26D98040  Y26D98040
 HB-M976    xxxxxx  Y26H08000  Y26H08000
 WH-M985  XTR  Y27W98020  Y27W98030  Y27W98030
 HB-MC12  Alivio  Y21H98070  fc06  fc06
 HB-MC30  STX  xxxxxx  fc05  fc05
 HB-MC32  STX  Y21L98010  fc05  fc05
 HB-MC33  STX-RC  Y21L98010  fc05  fc05
 WH-MT75  XT Level 29er  Y26K98030  Y26K98040  Y26J98020
 WH-R500  Road Wheel  Y4BG98030  fc04  fc04
 WH-R501  Road Wheel  Y4SK98010  fc07  fc07
 WH-R535 105/Tiagra 9sp, 10mm Axle   Y4AC98010  Y4AC98020  Y4AC98020
 WH-R540  105/Tiagra 9sp  Y4BE98020  fc08  fc08
 WH-R550  Road Wheel  Y4BE98020  fc08  fc08
 WH-R560  Road Wheel  Y4C498010  Y4C498020  Y4C498020
 WH-R561  Road Wheel  Y4CF98010  Y4CF98020  Y4CF98020
 WH-R580  Road Wheel  no info available  Y4CF98020  Y4CF98020
 WH-R600  Road Wheel  Y4BR98020  Y4BR98030  Y4BR98030
 WH-R601  Road Wheel  Y4CF98010  Y4CF98020  Y4CF98020
 HB-RM40  Altus (QR Version)  Y21H98050  fc01  fc01
 HB-RM50  Exage  xxxxxx  fc01  fc01
 HB-RM65  Non-Series C/Lock, M10 Axle  2555  fc09  fc09
 HB-RM66    xxxxxx  Y2U898030  Y2U898020
 WH-RS10  Road Wheel  Y4DV98010  Y4DV98020  Y4DV98020
 WH-RS20  Road Wheel  Y4GF98010  Y4DV98020  Y4DV98020
 WH-RS30  Road Wheel  2212  fc13  fc13
 WH-RS80-C50  Road Wheel  Y4GW98020  Y4GW98030  Y4GW98030

Shimano Ball Retainer 3/16"


Shimano HB-2200 Front Cone

Shimano HB-3500 Complete Hub Axle

Shimano HB-M430 Front Cone+Locknut


Shimano HB-M475/495 M10 Front Cone

Shimano HB-M525 Front Axle Kit


Shimano HB-M525 Front Cone M9


Shimano HB-M570 Front Cone

Shimano HB-M595 Front Axle Kit


Shimano HB-MC12 Front Cone

Shimano HB-RM65 Front Axle Kit

Shimano WH-R501 Front Cone/Locknut

Wheels Manufacturing Axle Spacers

Shimano HB-M785 Front Axle Kit


Wheels Mfg Cone R099