BH Derailleur Hangers

The derailleur hanger is a part of the frame, not of the derailleur. There are many different brands of bike in the world, made in many different factories, and finding the right hanger for a bike is not always easy.

A visual check will generally be enough to find the hanger you need, but we have also included information from Wheels Manufacturing (who's range of hangers we keep in stock) regarding which models of bicycle each hanger fits. This information was updated in January 2013, so will not cover later model years until this site is updated. Please use the model listing as confirmation only of your choice of derailleur hanger; a visual comparison should be the primary way to get the correct hanger.

If you can't find the hanger you're after on this brand-specific page, or can't find your brand of bike listed, then try your luck in the All Derailleur Hangers page - but beware - there are almost 200 hangers there.

Chances are we'll have the hanger you need, but, sadly, there will always be some bikes out there with hangers we do not carry, and for which Wheels Manufacturing don't make a replacement. In these cases, please refer to a dealer in the relevant brand of bike.

Wheels Mfg Derailleur Hanger 6

Fits some bicycle models from BH, Cube, Gary Fisher, Haro, Klein, Mongoose, Schwinn, and Trek.


Weight (including attachment hardware): 21g.

Wheels Mfg Derailleur Hanger 96

Fits some bicycle models from Argon 18, BH, Blue, BMC, Cinelli, DeRosa, Devinci, Diamondback, Ellsworth, Fetish, Fondriest, Fuji, GT, Guerciotti, Kestrel, Litespeed, Marin, Masi, Planet X, Quintana Roo, Raleigh, Redline, Ridley, Rocky Mountain, Scattante, Schwinn, Stevens, Storck, Titus, Tommaso, UNOVELO, Velo Vie and Wilier.


Weight (including attachment hardware): 15g.

Wheels Manufacturing Derailleur Hanger 97

Special Order
Fits some bicycle models from Barracuda, BH, Bianchi, Diamondback, Falcon, IronHorse, KHS, Trek, Univega and Wheeler.

PLEASE NOTE: We no longer keep this derailleur hanger in stock but you can order it from us and we should be able to get it in for you, with a delay of 1 to 2 weeks.

Weight (including attachment hardware): 24g.

Wheels Mfg Derailleur Hanger 110

Fits some bicycle models from BH and Cannondale.


Weight (including attachment hardware): 15g.

Wheels Mfg Derailleur Hanger 111

Fits some bicycle models from BH.


Weight (including attachment hardware): 17g.

Wheels Mfg Derailleur Hanger 123

Fits some bicycle models from BH, Masi, Raleigh and Torelli.


Weight (including attachment hardware): 14g.