MAY 2009

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MARCH 2009

We've received our electricity bill for the last quarter and are very pleased with the result of the sustainably designed building. We now have two and a half times the floor space, are running three computers instead of two and have an automatic sliding front door. But due to effective use of natural light, and the use of high-efficiency lighting in the shop, our electricity usage is down 28%.

Graham Wins Gold - Graham rode the track cycling events at the NSW Masters Championships, returning to Moruya with 3 gold medals.


Details of our shop setup are coming together. Shelves behind counter are no longer the ugly white temporary ones, but are now lovely and match our counter. Toolboards happening. Upstairs bike hooks going in and upstairs wheel hooks in.

We stock our first Electra bike - a lovely machine, not yet on our website... Soon, soon. Others to follow.

Verofit nutritional products now stocked.


Brendan Johnston comes second in National Championships. For details, see the "riders" link above.

The bulk of recent news in represented in the "building" link on the left of your screen.