At last we've changed the way your orders are processed, moving to a more reliable system that does not rely on emails that were too often not getting through.

And, we've changed our freight policy to a straight $6 per order, along with lowering many prices throughout the site.


Brendan Johnston rides second in the National Cross Country Round 1, Adelaide November 3rd 2007.


The plans are with council, and we're researching the details of the planned goods hoist between floors.

The battle with spam continues - the record is now 1027 emails received overnight, 4 of which we wanted. But our filter programme keeps it pretty well under control.

Mark's in the Moruya Bicycles team for the Mont 24 hour! The original excuse not to go (that the extension of the shop would be finishing up then and there'd be no time) just wasn't legitimate any more.

Business continues to be good. We're now starting to think about how to handle the temporary down-sizing (during building) before the much awaited up-sizing happens next year. It won't be comfortable...

We're now supporting Brendan Johnston in his MTB racing as he's just switched sponsorship deals from Trek to Mongoose. The switch means he'll be able to ride as a part of a team, which should be better for his results & future. And his old man Steve will be wearing one of our beautiful jerseys now too.


Rodney's full-time. Apart from lunch times, you'll now find him relatively easy to find Monday to Thursday, plus Saturdays.

Hmm - we've done our own work with the shop plans and our logo, but now we're waiting on an indication of price to build, before bringing our application in to council. Waiting... It should end up looking a bit like this:

Graeme & Judy Watson have returned from their cycle-tour of France. Look at those Moruya Bicycles jerseys at the summit of the legendary Mt Venoux!


Still waiting for the graphic artist to look at our shop plans and our logo, before it goes to council...

We welcome a new after-school part-timer, Todd (The BMX Bandit). He's pretty mild-mannered really, considering what he does on a bike. We gave him some work after he did a week's work experience here.

And arrangements have been made for Rodney to work full-time here, starting next month. Full time will mean Monday to Thursday, and Saturday.

We're not waiting for the graphic artist now; might get plans to council by the end of this month...

And the biggest news of all is that since the shop expansion plans haven't run to schedule, Mark's (my) excuse for not competing in the Mont 24-hour ("The shop expansion is due for completion around then - I'll be very busy.") has become worthless, so yes, I'll be a part of Moruya Team Bicycles this year. As part of a team of six, so we should all survive.

Giant's Performance Range info to arrive (tomorrow?) - 08 model performance bikes to start arriving around the first week of September.

JULY '07

Mark's back from a week's holiday with the family, during which time he learned to ski!

New Giant bikes (recreational range) are mostly in. We're very pleased to offer the new Cypress City - just what we wanted: a quality bike with a 7-speed internal hub gear.

Our plans for  an expanded shop are just about completed, and should be submitted to council soon.


It's all on! Apart from bikes and exercise bikes that is - but for the moment all that is meant to be on the website is on. That's big news.


We're now stocking some Vaude panniers - the range to expand in time. Their pannier that converts to a backpack is an excellent design, their World Tramp and World Cycle panniers do tend to inspire another big trip, and thier super-lightweight under-saddle bags save considerable weight for anyone wanting just a simple bag. For more details see our New Products section or Carrying Luggage section.

We're also stocking N-ZO clothing. See our New Products Section or Clothing section.

No We're not. N-ZO have decided to sell directly through their own website rather than have a network of dealers throughout Australia. So their clothes have been taken back off our website and have been boxed up for return to the (ex) distributor.


Things have settled down in the shop and we're updating the website, assembling bikes and planning our hoped-for extension to the shop.