Spoke Keys

The traditional 6-way spoke key is still around, along with the much improved 4-sided key for improved spoke grip and less likely nipple damage. Then there are the Multi-Tools.

Cyclus Spoke Key Red 3.2mm

A 4-sided spoke key to suit 3.2mm nipples (the standard for high quality spokes).
This spoke key is similar to the original "Spokey" that developed into the DT spoke key. It fits the same nipple size. There are two significant differences: the Cyclus has a single steel nipple driver insert; the DT has a double insert for better engagement with the nipple. Also, the recess for the spoke on this one is straight whereas on the DT is is flared, making the DT preferable on wheels where there is significant spoke bending from the rim. But this one has a very reasonable price! Weight: 8g.

Giant Spoke Key Round

Spoke Key Round

Multi-fit spoke key. Fits 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15 gauge spokes.

A good basic spoke key that will work on just about any bike. For quality wheels or extensive use, we'd recommend the Cyclus spoke keys instead. Weight: 48g.

Minoura Folding Dishing Tool

If you're serious about building or truing wheels you'll soon be wanting a dishing tool to check that the rim is centred between the hub locknuts.

Tool for checking that the wheel is exactly symmetrical. Folds for easy storage. This dishing tool will handle wheels as little as 18" and hub widths up to 140mm.

Minoura Item Number FCG-310. Shipping Weight: 370g.

Park SW-12 Spoke Key Mavic Black

Fits recent model Mavic wheels with splined nipples & eyelets.

The smaller end fits 7-spline nipples with a 6.4mm outside spline diameter. These are found on all R-sys wheels and on other Mavic wheels from 2011.

The larger end fits the 6-splines of the 9mm outer diameter threaded eyelets found on rims such as the Mavic XM819, EX823 and Speedcity wheels. (This is the same size as the Mavic M40630 wrench).

Shipping Weight: 78g.

Park SW-13 Spoke Key Mavic Blue


Spoke wrench for Mavic wheel systems.

Comfortable, vinyl-dipped two-sided spoke wrench is designed to easily access Mavic fittings, including the Mavic SSC Ksyrium and Crossmax SLR wheels. The smaller end fits six splines of the integrated nipples with 5.65mm OD splines, and 7mm thread size nipple. These are found on the R-sys wheels. (This is equal to the sizing of the Mavic "M40652" wrench.)

The larger end fits six splines of the 9mm spline OD of the threaded eyelets of the "FORE drilled rim adaptors" found on rims such as the Mavic XM819, EX823 and Speedcity wheels. (This is equal to the sizing of the Mavic "M40630" or "M40494" spoke wrench.)

Shipping Weight: 78g.

Park Tool SBC-1 Spoke & Bearing Ruler

This handy ruler is ideal for sizing spokes, ball bearings and crank cotters.

To use, just hang the head of the spoke in the obling hole and read its length on the scale. For crank cotters and ball bearings it works just like a gauge for drill bits. Has both metric and fractional spoke length markings. Anodized aluminium with embossed markings to allow easy reading and long life. Shipping Weight: 100g.

Park Tool SW-16 Internal Nipple 3.2 Sqr

The SW-16 offers an extra long reach (85mm) for those deep section aero rims.

Dual-density ergonomically designed screwdriver handle. 3.2mm square socket. Outside shaft diameter is nominally 6mm. Weight: 86g.

Shimano WH-M975 Spoke Plug Wrench

Spoke plug wrench (4.6mm) to suit Shimano WH-M975.
Shimano Part Number: Y4CK19000. One end of the tool turns the spoke plugs, the other has a slot with which to hold a bladed spoke in place to prevent it twisting (you'll need two of these tools to be able to do that). Suits hex-shaped spoke plugs (use a different tool for Shimano's newer square-shaped nipples and rim plugs). Shipping Weight: 11g.

Lifu Spoke Wrench for Shimano

Spoke wrench for Shimano wheel systems with 4.3 and 4.4 wrench options.