Freewheel Tools

A freewheel tool removes your freewheel (sprocket/s complete with ratchet mechanism) from your wheel.

ACS Freewheel Remover 14/15T

The ACS Claws freewheel remover fits EZ-Off style 14T & 15T freewheels (not 13T).
14t & 15t freewheels use a smaller thread and smaller remover than the standard 16t plus. This is the remover for the small freewheels that use the large 4-prong "EZ-Off" system. Accommodates 14mm axles. Weight: 62g.

Freewheel Remover BMX

Suits standard freewheels (16T+). Suits 14mm or 3/8" (10mm) axles.

40mm diameter, 21mm deep.

Weight: 110g.

Odyssey Freewheel Remover 13T

Suits the tiny Odyssey 13T screw-on freewheel.


Weight: 65g.

Shimano TL-FW30 Freewheel Remover

Shimano TL-FW30
Fits Shimano freewheels (and various copies). We've tried cheaper imitations of this tool but have been forced back to the original.
 Weight: 33g.