Crank & Chainwheel Tools

Tools to get your cranks off your bottom bracket, and your chainrings off your cranks.

Lifu Crank Puller

crank puller
Lifu make some of the best "cheap" tools. This crank puller's pushing end has a pivoting cap to give the tool long life and help revent thread/axle damage.

Used with a shifter, it includes a 14/15mm socket and 8mm allen key for crank bolt removal.

If you have Octalink or ISIS style cranks and bottom bracket, you'll also need to buy a Shimano TL-FC15 (below).

 Weight: 122g.

Shimano Chainwheel Screw Tool TL-FC21

For holding the back of chainwheel screws while you tighten the front with an allen key.

Most derailleur hangers are attached using a chainwheel screw, so this is the tool to allow a derailleur hanger to be properly tightened (along with an allen key). Weight: 17g.

Shimano TL-FC15 Crank Puller Plug

Plug for Octalink and ISIS bottom bracket axles to allow crank removal with standard crank puller.
Weight: 15g.

Shimano TL-FC16 Hollowtech II Crank Tool

Crank installation tool for FC-M960, FC-M760, FC-M800, FC-7800.
Weight: 10g.