Chain Tools

Many multi-tools include a chain tool. Please look through the Multi-Tools page for these.

Ice Toolz Chain Tool


In our opinion, the best of the cheap chain tools, with an adjustable anvil, which is hollow right through so Shimano chain pins won't be left clogging the tool.

 Made by Lifu - always a sign of quality.

Weight: 123g.

Shimano TL-CN28 Chain Tool 6-11 Speed


Quality chain tool, can be used on all bicycle chains, except Campagnolo 11sp which requires a specific tool, our part number 1192

Shipping Weight: 200g.

Topeak PowerLink Pliers

If you find it difficult to remove your chain for cleaning by unclipping the master link, this could be the tool for you.


Shipping Weight: 164g.

XTech Chain Cleaner

Easy to use: mess free removal of chain grime.
6 rotating brushes ensure even the most stubborn dirt is removed. Improves shifting performance and drivetrain life. Can also be used to lubricate chain by replacing cleaner with a suitable lubricant.