Cassette Tools

In a cassette system, the ratchet mechanism that the sprockets fit onto is a part of the hub. So a cassette is the sprockets without the freewheel mechanism. This page lists the tools you'll need to fit and remove your cassette.

If you're not sure whether you have a cassette or a freewheel, spin the sprockets back. If the removal splines in the middle turn with the sprockets, you have a cassette. If the splines stay still while the sprockets turn you have a freewheel.

Pro Cassette Removal set

2 Piece set including chain whip and lock ring removal tool.

Cyclus Cassette Tool for Campagnolo

Quality Cyclo tool for removing Campagnolo cassettes.

This tool looks very much like the Shimano cassette tool but is slightly different: use the correct one, or you'll do damage!

Shipping Weight: 45g.

Park FR-5 Cassette Lockring Tool

If you have a centrelock rotor on a multi-speed hub (solid axle) then this is the tool you'll need to tighten or remove it. It is compatible with all Shimano-style cassettes and centrelock rotors.
Shipping Weight: 57g. 

Shimano Cassette Tool TL-LR15

Cassette lockring tool with guide to fit into quick release axle. Very easy to use. Workshop quality.
Requires shifter or 24mm or 15/16" spanner to turn, plus chain whip. Weight: 60g.

Shimano TL-FC36 Hollowtech II Adaptor

Though called a Hollowtech II adaptor, this tool is important mostly for its ability to install and remove the centrelock attachment bolt on SLX 20mm thru-axle hubs.
Shipping Weight: 260g.

Unior Pocket Cassette Remover

The wrench is an ideal lightweight tool for cyclists on extended tours. Simple operation to remove a cassette to replace a broken spoke.  

Weight: 13g