Bottom Bracket Tools

Bottom Bracket tools from Shimano, Truvativ and Giant.

Ice Tools BB Tool External

A well-priced tool for installing and removing external bottom bracket cups (Shimano Hollowtech II etc).
Weight: 218g.

Park Tool BBT-30.3 BB/PF30 Tool Set


A nice tool set for handling BB30 and PF30 bottom brackets.

Includes a bearing remover for BB30 bearings, of PF30 bearing assemblies.

Includes two installation bushings #668 designed for installing the BB30 bearings, or PF30 bearing assemblies. Bushings must be used in conjucction with an HHP-2 or HHP-3 Bearing Cup Press.

Shipping Weight: 1kg.

Shimano TL-BB12 P/Fit BB Install 160mm

This tool allows easy and worry-free installation of pressfit bottom brackets.
Shipping Weight: 458g.

Shimano TL-BB13 P/Fit BB Remover

A press fit bottom bracket remover with class. Very solid, with a simple expansion system to allow insertion into the bearing and then offering a secure contact with the bearing when knocking it out.
Shipping Weight: 567g.

Shimano TL-FC36 Hollowtech II Adaptor

Though called a Hollowtech II adaptor, this tool is important mostly for its ability to install and remove the centrelock attachment bolt on SLX 20mm thru-axle hubs.
Shipping Weight: 260g.

Shimano TL-UN74 Bottom Bracket Tool

Suits standard, ISIS and Octalink bottom brackets.

For use with a 32mm spanner. We use one of these in our workshop (as well as a 1/2" ratchet drive alternative) for removing seized or too-tight bottom brackets as this tool can be held firmly in place with a bolt running into or through the bottom bracket axle (and washers) while great force can be applied to turning it. Weight: 84g.