Cygolite HotShot Micro Rear Light

While being sceptical of many of the feature-laden lights that are brought to our attention, this USB-rechargeable light stood out as offering a very useful feature that most tail-lights don't.

As well as offering a bright steady mode, a bright flashing mode and two other unusual and therefore eye-catching flash modes, this light offers a truly cycling-buddy friendly bunch-ride mode. It dulls down to a level that won't blind other cyclists and would be suitable for night-time mountain bike riding as well as group road riding.

Weight: 35g. Charging Time: 3 hours. Shipping Weight: 150g.

Packed with features for safe cycling, this micro-sized Hotshot combines a powerful 2 watt LED with 5 road-proven modes and an Enhanced Cycling Optic that scatters light at a wider angle for maximum distance and extra wide visibility during night and day use.

New "Versatite" lets you attach the Hotshot Micro 2W tail light to most seat posts and seat stays, including aero styles.


  • Powerful 2 watt red LED
  • Low profile, compact size
  • USB rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Enhanced Cycling Optics scatters the beam to maximise your visual presence from a wider angle
  • Water resistant design for all riding conditions
  • 2.5 to 100 hour run time


  • 5 modes: Single Flash; Zoom; SteadyPulse; Steady Beam; Group Mode
  • SteadyPulse's steady beam helps motorists better gauge their distance from you while the overlapping pulses keep them alert of your presence
  • Sturdy and flexible Versatite mount attaches to mose seat posts and seat stays, including aero styles

This product includes: Hotshot Micro 2W with integrated battery, USB charging cable, flexible mount.