XTech Blaze USB Rear Light

SPECIAL - 20% OFF! A good price on an excellent light.

What sets this light apart from most is its wide shape and visibility from all angles. It uses a row of small LEDs so the light emanates from the full width of the light, and a lens that spreads this light broadly, removing the dazzling centre and dull surround that many tail lights put out, in their quest to be visible from the greatest distance.

Width: 75mm. Weight: 48g. Shipping Weight: 86g.

A major benefit of this wider-light-source design is that it makes it easier for a driver to judge the distance to the light (and cyclist).


Tool-free fitting via a stretchy rubber strap. The bracket is pre-angled so the light will sit level when attached to your seat post. Light can be turned on the bracket so it can be set horizontally or vertically on the bike. Water resistant. 260 lumens. 3 light modes: High (3 hours run time), Low (6 hours run time) and Flashing (6 hours run time).