eZee Sprint without battery

The eZee Sprint is a high quality electric bike offering a good deal of power and speed. When you add the 15 Amp-hour battery, it also has a good working range. It is a pleasure to ride, and will fit most riders comfortably. The handlebar control of the five "power levels" (think of cruise-control), the Shimano Nexus 8-speed hub and the Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres are particular highlights.

You can come in to our shop for an obligation-free test ride. Then if you like, we can order one in for you in the colour and battery type of your choice (subject to availability).

The eZee Sprint makes choosing an e-bike easy. Unmatched value and performance, perfect comfort and balance, high quality and low maintenance components and the e-bike of choice for the City of Sydney Council, Marrickville Council, the Watershed Cargo Bicycle Library and a growing list of food delivering restaurants.

The Shimano Nexus 8-Speed hub gears are very easy to use and are very low maintenance. They offer a good spread of gears, from low gears that you're not likely to use often in conjunction with the battery assistance, to a high gear that makes pedalling at 40km/h comfortable.

The Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres are, to our knowledge, the most difficult to puncture, and the most durable bicycle tyres there are. We're pleased that this bike comes with them as standard supply, as fixing a puncture in a bike with an electric motor up front and an internal gear system at the back does make puncture repairs significantly more work than on other (non-electric) bikes. And these tyres are by no means cheap - we currently sell them for $70 each.

The bike comes with both pedal-assist and throttle power options. Normally you probably won't use the throttle at all, but it can be handy getting the bike up to a comfortable riding speed from a standing start if you're not a strong rider (or you accidentally shift to a high gear instead of a low gear when approaching a roundabout, as I did on my initial test-ride).

There is an on-handlebar power-level controller. Interestingly, (and usefully) this basically determines the speed up to which you will receive automatic (while pedalling) assistance. It has five levels to choose from. Level one helps to only a very low speed - a little under 10km/h it seemed on our test ride. Level 2 helps to around 15km/h (comfortable low-speed around-town cycling). Level 3 assists to around 22km/h (likely to be most often used by the most riders); Level 4 helps to about 29km/h and Level 5 is great for fast riding, confident cyclists, offering assistance so you can comfortably keep up an average speed of around 37km/h.

This brings up the complex issue of power levels and top speeds of bicycles built to the original Australian Standard 200W power limit, and those built to the more recently adopted (and not yet in all States) European Standard of 250W power ilmit plus no throttle assistance over 7km/h and no assistance at all over 27km/h. The importers of the eZee Sprint have decided to continue with the 200W motor rather than increase the power to 250W as they believe the trade-off of a) losing the ability to use electric assistance to ride relatively quickly on a longer commute (over 27km/h) and b) losing the ability to use throttle assistance over 7km/h (making it harder for riders with lesser riding skills to quickly get up to a comfortable riding speed  as it's harder to keep a bike balanced at lower speeds) was too high a price to pay for the extra power. And interestingly, it's the nature of the planetary gear system in the motorised hub that largely determines hill climbing power - not just whether the motor can use 200W or 250W.

The bike has front and rear lights that are powered by the main battery, so you don't need to worry about charging your lights any more. The rear light is always on when the battery is turned on, which is good for two reasons - a) Safety and b) Battery Maintenance: You should turn off the battery when you finish your ride so that it doesn't slowly run itself flat by powering the handlebar controls. It is difficult to accidentally leave the battery turned on for a few weeks if the rear light stays on the whole while!

The bike is also equipped with a robust centre-mount double leg kick stand, mudguards, rear rack, and a quality Cateye speedometer.

The seat can be adjusted up or down a long way to accommodate a wide range of rider heights. The seat tube is angled so that as the seat is raised, the seat to handlebar distance also increases, providing a more comfortable fit for taller riders.

Read about how it went in a Hill-Climb up Hobart's Mount Wellington followed by a Tour of Tasmania's Central Plateau.


Frame : 6061 Aluminium Alloy T4 T6
Tyres : 26" Schwalbe Marathon Plus with Kevlar guard & relfective band
Rim : Weinmann, Al Alloy double wall, CNC sidewall
Spokes : 13G Stainless steel
Brakes (Front) : Shimano BRM 549 mechanical disc brakes
Brakes (Rear) : Shimano Nexus Roller brake
Gears : Shimano Nexus Inter 8 speeds
Front fork : Suspension front fork with Al Alloy crown 50mm travel
Handlebars : Al. Alloy
Chainguard : Polycarbonate
Mudguard : Polycarbonate with stainless steel supports
Chainwheel : Al Alloy chainring and crank, 48T
Chain : KMC Rust resistant
Stand : Al Alloy central support stand
Rear Carrier : Al Alloy
Seat post : Steel, flipable for battery removal
Lighting : Super White LED front and red LED rear, powered by main battery

Electric System

Nominal rated 200W Brushless DC front hub motor with planetary gears.
PWM microprocessor. Overload protection 20 Amps, Undervoltage protection 31.5 V. E-Bike, Dual mode throttle and pedal assist.
37V 10Ah Lithium Ion Polymer battery 3.1 kgs. 14Ah battery option available 3.9kg. 20Ah battery option 5.5kg.
4 Amp smart charger. Maximum charge time 5.5 hours


Maximum Speed
Range depends on use! Expect 20-100km
Bike weight
26.5 kgs