Tioga Long Ride Underseat Bag w/ Rack

A large capacity quick-release seat-mounted luggage pack. Suits bikes with a minimum of 200mm space below the seat rails.

Capacity: 5 litres. Maximum Carry Weight: 3kg.

Weight: 570g.

Road bike riders and many commuters dont want to put a rack on their bike for various reasons (often  because it's not cool). But there are times when it is necessary to carry extra clothing, rain jacket food, camera, phone or drinks and you can only fit so much in your pockets.

The largest standard under seat bags cant handle the extra weight without causing the material around the clip to fail, plus, of course, the volume is limited. The Long Ride incorporates an alloy carrier which gives the physical support allowing 3kgs to be stored in a bag.

When you reach your destination you open the Velcro tab and then remove the bag from the under seat clip and take it with you for security.

When you dont have the Long Ride bag on your bike there is no visual evidence of any rack or bag, so it's back to being cool!  Other bags on the market with large capacity require special carriers which are permanently attached to your bike


Height: 180mm

Width: 165mm

Depth: 170 to 220mm