Giant Control Shock Shock Pump

300psi shock pump with removable gauge for easy storage on or off the bike. Designed for use as both a shock pump and as a tyre pump.

Comes complete with a mount clip (to go under your bottle) and velcro strap for security.

Weight: 287g. Shipping Weight: 380g.

This pump is on the big side for a shock pump and on the small side for a tyre pump. A good combination if you need to carry a pump or pumps to service both needs, however, it will be a fairly slow pump to use on tyres due to its small size, and though it's capable of pumping your fork and shock to the necessary pressure, it lacks finesse so fine adjustments are not so easily made.

It is, of course, designed to fit Schrader valve stems only, but it comes with an alloy adaptor for Presta valves.

The removable pressure gauge makes it a lot easier to carry on the bike. You can use the guage at home for setting up your shock, and on the trail, without the gauge, you can still use it for emergency shock-air top ups (but not fine adjustments).

  • Foldable hose and T-handle
  • 2-3psi micro-adjust bleeder button
  • Rubber armoured gauge prevents damage and increases accuracy and longevity
  • Double function inflates shocks and tyres with included Presta adaptor