Giant Maestro Bearing Press Kit 2014

Comprehensive bearing press kit for all suspension bearings in Giant Maestro frames. Top quality tools in an attractive wooden box. Instruction sheet included.

Click on the image for a larger view, then click the right and left arrows to see photos of each tool in the kit. An instruction sheet is included (written in 2013) as is a small extra piece that wasn't included in the earlier version of this kit, making it compatible with all the latest Maestro frames. Weight: 1450g. Shipping Weight: 1600g.

This kit, both tools and instructions, was updated in 2008. It suits all current model Maestro bikes also, with the exception of the Anthem 29er top swingarm pivot. The shape of the frame around this point does require some inventiveness and care to remove the bearing cleanly.

At January 2013, no newer kit or instructions are available. If and when they become available, we'll add them to our website.