Be heard! The law states a bicycle must be fitted with an effective warning device. And they can be a bit of fun. Moruya Bicycles now stocks a considerable range of fun and artistic bells, available for purchase on-line or in-store.

BBB Easyfit Deluxe Bell Black

A bell that will fit on 31.8mm diameter handlebars.

The Easyfit Deluxe bell is indeed easy to fit - with one of the supplied rubber O-rings (no tools needed). And it is indeed deluxe - with a brass top for a pure sound that's surprisingly loud for its diminutive size (31.8mm diameter top), and a stainless steel spring so you can use it even if you live on the coast.

Shipping Weight: 32g.

Nuvo Bell - Green Beetle

A cute kids' bell with the sneaky advantage that the thick plastic design badge on the top acts somewhat as a sound dampener: not good in traffic, but relatively easy on a parent's ears.

Nuvo state their company philosophy proudly on the packaging: "LAST THE ONLY REQUIREMENT". We believe that this means, when translated, that durability is important.

Shipping Weight: 59g.

Spokey Dokeys

Decorative spoke beads. The pack says "Neon and rattling. Bicycle Charm. For decoration. Perfect safety device." What more can we say?
Shipping Weight: 59g.

Zefal Ping Bell

Simple, light, non-rattling, easy-to-attach bell.

Tool-free installation. Fits handlebar diameter 19mm to 26.4mm. Bell Diameter: 38mm.

Weight: 21g.