Add-ons to help on a cold ride, or at least during the cold part of a longer ride. These accessories are small enough to be carried in your jersey pocket/s once you've warmed up and don't need them any more. For comfortable warmth, Superroubaix is excellent. A wind breaking layer can also make a thin garment very effective.

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Limar Knee Warmers


Made from Superroubaix, the remarkable fabric resistant to perspiration, with inbuilt elasticity and comfort combined with the softest handfeel. Silicone grip for stability.

Shipping Weight: 115g.

Limar Leg Warmers

Made from Superroubaix for moisture transfer, elasticity for comfort and a very soft feel. Silicone gripper at top to keep them in place, and 200mm zip at bottom to enable you to slip them over your riding shoes.
Weight (medium): 119g. Shipping Weight: 150g.

Pearl Izumi Barrier Headband Black

Take the bite out of windy and cold weather cycling with this windproof headband.
Weight: 18g.

Pearl Izumi Toe Warmer PRO

PRO thermal toe covers are an easy slip-on design that provide additional warmth in the cold weather.
Compatible with mountain and road shoes, softshell provide wind and water protection, reflective elements for low-light visibility