Our well set up workshop enables us to service your bike effectively and efficiently.

Moruya Bicycles is proud of its technical skill and consistent workshop procedures.

We'll get your bike running the way it should, maximising your riding pleasure.

Much of our workshop time is spent carrying out Full Services. (details via links on left).

We also list some other fixed price workshop jobs (link on left).

For other work, or work of an unusual nature, our standard hourly rate of $60 applies.


Moruya Bicycles Labour Charges

 LABOUR  Labour - Hourly rate $60 $60.00
  LM Labour - Minute (at $60/hour) $1.00
  LMIN Minimum Labour Charge $15.00
  LSG Full Service - Geared Bicycle $110
  LSGF Full Service - Geared Bicycle (with valid discount voucher) $77
  LSGD Full Service - Geared Bicycle (with valid free service voucher) ---
  LSS Full Service - Single Speed Bicycle $70
  LSSF Full Service - Single Speed Bicycle (with valid discount voucher) $49
  LSSD Full Service - Single Speed Bicycle (with valid free service voucher) ---
    Service Additions
  LS+DG Service Addition - Degrease Drivetrain $20
  LS+BB Service Addition - Remove & Replace Bottom Bracket $20
  LS+BBL Service Addition - Brake Bleed (per end) $15
  LS+BT Service Addition - Tape Handlebars $15
  LS+HS Service Addition - Headset Overhaul $20
  LS+HBL Service Addition - Looseball Hub Overhaul $20
  LS+HBS Service Addition - Sealed Hub Overhaul $30
  LS+WT Service Addition - Wheel True Off Bike $10
  LAG Adjust Gears $29
  ACS Air Chamber Service - Fox Float Shock $50
  BBL Brake Bleed (per end) $25
  FRR Fork Removal and Replacement $30
  RSB Rear Suspension Bearing Replacement $80
  SRR Rear Shock Removal and Replacement $15
  WBP Wheel Build Precision $66
  WBS Wheel Build Standard $50
    Fitting Charges
  FCRB Fitting Charge - Roof Bars to Car $50
  FCBC Fitting Charge - Bike Carrier to Roof Bars $30
  FCEC Fitting Charge - Electric Conversion Kit $120
  FCHDB Fitting Charge - Hydraulic Disc Brake (per end) $30
  FCM Fitting Charge - Mudguards (full length) $45
  FCR1 Fitting Charge - Tyre and/or Tube to Bike (x1) $15
  FCR2 Fitting Charge - Tyre and/or Tube to Bike (x2) $25
  FCRW Fitting Charge - Tyre and/or Tube to Wheel Only $8
  FCRE Fitting Charge - Tyre and/or Tube to Electric Bike or Enclosed Drivetrain $30
  FSC Fork Service (Monza) Cannondale $220
  FSNDF Fork Service (NSD) Fox $190
  FSNDR Fork Service (NSD) RockShox etc $170
  FSSA Fork Service (Sola Sport) $190
  FSSM Fork Service (SRAM Direct) $129
  LOH Handling Charge - Outsourced Repair $15
  LOR Outsourced Repair ????
  SSNDA Shock Service (NSD) Air $200
  SSNDC Shock Service (NSD) Coil $180
  SDR SRAM Service Direct Repair ????