Mogo MTB Park (Snaketrack)

Click on the map below to see a larger version. It might be too big for the screen but you can use the scroll bars to move around the image, or right click and select save image then you can print it.


To get to the MTB Park Trailhead, turn west off the Highway onto Maulbrooks Rd (about 2km south of Mogo).

Follow Maulbrooks Rd for 5km. (About half way along the road splits, either side of a big tree, take the left hand option here.) You'll see a bicycle sign on the left of the road; look right and you'll see a clearing (parking area) and shed (trailhead and map).

The main loop is a 15km ride. The Snaketrack is a well known highlight - a fun, fast, flowing 2km descent. You can ride up the adjacent fire trail and down the Snake Track for as many times as your energy allows!