Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes (otherwise known as Cross Bikes) are an ideal bike path bike. They have 700c wheels, (which are the diameter of 29" mountain bike wheels) and they take a tyre narrower than a mountain bike, but wider than a road bike. They have a comfortable upright seating position and so normally come with seat post suspension and an adjustable angle handlebar stem so the bars can be quite high and close to the rider if that's what's wanted. They won't give great off road handling or great on-road speed. Please note we keep few hybrids in stock, due largely to the lack of bike paths in our area; those people looking for a leisurely ride away from traffic usually end up on dirt, hence the popularity of our comfort mountain bikes.

Somewhere between the mountain bike and the hybrid sits what could be called the Urban Bicycle, or a Sport Hybrid (Giant Roam and Rove). Designed for on-road speed with off-road strength, ready to take on gutters, stairs, dirt and grass, the urban bike can take you off-road at the weekends after negotiating traffic all week.

roam 3 color a black

Giant Roam 3

my20 roam 3 disc_navy-1201x719-64de5cf

Giant Roam 3 Disc Navy 2020

roam 2 disc color a charcoal

Giant Roam Disc 2

rove 3 dd color a black

Liv Rove 3

rove 2 disc dd color a dark blue

Liv Rove Disc 2

my20 rove 3 dd disc_silver-1201x719-7934980

Liv Rove Disc 3 Silver 2020

my20 rove 4 dd disc_grey-1202x723-29b847a

Liv Rove Disc 4 Grey 2020